Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work Lately

Lately my job has been kicking my butt. I put in the hours and the efforts, but I tell you, the more I do and the more time I put in the more I feel like there is still more to do. Catalyst is coming up quick and I have so much to do. I was planning on having the conference monopolize all my time starting in June, but I already spend 90% of time on Catalyst. We have a couple conference related items that are beginning to reach critical mass: complimentary consultations, presentations, executive meetings, external presenters need help, finalizing the schedule. These are all things that I am spending time on and it seems as if I do nothing else (except when I get home at night at actually have time to work on something else). I just think that I am lucky that I have a job that I love or I would be hating my life right now. I love being a contributor to Catalyst and really enjoy being on site seeing my 9 months of planning finally pay off while I am onsite.

Getting excited for the trip. Have to get a ticket for the Europe conference. In Prague this year.

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