Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Is Open

The new Chickfila opened in the neighborhood today. Guess what's for dinner!

This is actually well ran. They have police officers running traffic and around 5 people running outside in the cold for the drive thru. In restaurant traffic does not seem that good though. Maybe the blowup cow is scaring people.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello? part 5

Another day of touring and a little work. A great dinner at a restaraunt overlooking the Charles Bridge. Prague is beautiful!
  • This would be a cool field trip. In Utah we just go to the zoo every year.
  • In October they turn this into a haunted house and double the prices.
  • I'm not giving her any peer pressure, just being a bad example.
  • And now we can't turn right.
  • Disco ball!
  • If it is zombie nudity is ok.
  • It must be Miley Cyrus.
  • I am going to try to find an 80s song reference for everything said the rest of the night.
  • I'm doing it right now.
  • And then enjoy your night in jail.
  • Give me a beet and goat cheese and I am a happy woman.
  • These bread sticks are better than Little Ceasars.
  • That is called the ash hole.
  • That was probably Joe Montana.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello? part 4

You won't believe our day today. We got some sweet pictures. We went to the bone church that is about an hour from Prague and we also went and saw St. Barbara cathedral as well (they were both in the same small town). The bone church was cool and has over 40,000 bones inside it as decoration. I will be posting pictures soon. Once we got back we went to this huge park that has a huge metronome in it. It was pretty cool and another day of a lot of walking.

There was also some great quotes for today:
  • Karl is here, bring out the gay pride corn
  • No one makes you me more nervous than someone that says, "don't be scared"
  • There's your daughters gum
  • I have really fantastic calves
  • Who would I want to play leap frog with?
  • It's true. I can hold my breath for a minute
  • Actually, I don't think Sid can say that
  • We don't pet weird dogs in Prague
  • Are they taking their antibiotics
  • I've hidden in the closets there

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello? part 3

So, with Catalyst Conference postponed today was a day where we spent time unstuffing badges and lanyards and just some general cleanup. By 1pm we were all done - and we even slept in! So, we went around town here in Prague. We walked by the Powder Tower, Old Town Square, and Charles Bridge. All the way up to the Prague castle. It was a nice 5+ hour walk and see plus lunch mixed in. We had a great time. Here are the quotes from today:
  • We beat those fools.
  • Because Europeans are weird.
  • Not for you...bye-bye.
  • I think she has a hot date tonight.
  • Don't you hear the voices?
  • Let's drive that across the river.
  • Don't be an ash cloud.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello? part 2

Not a good day overall - we are postponing Catalyst Europe because all of the airports are shut down. You will see some quotes regarding this below.
  • Who's Delta?
  • There's junk in your folder
  • I'll take you to the bag store
  • Laugh at me tomorrow, Matt
  • Why wasn't this in the employee kit?
  • Sometimes kids need jail to get on the right path
  • I live in a pineapple under the sea
  • It's only 3 hours to Tokyo
  • I gotta get on somebody's blog
  • A bloke got his lanyard nicked (in an English accent)
  • I never like Iceland
  • Sounds like a problem for your urologist
  • Everytime Karl says something witty he looks at me to see if I pick up my pen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello? Part 1

On the first day of CEU 2010 this was going on:

  • She is the calm one.
  • Bite me.
  • Google it.
  • We pay a lot of money for that cluster.
  • Jesus is coming, look busy.
  • Good thing we are not dinosaurs.
  • Kicking it with the weasel here in Prague.
  • You've been on there for a long time.
  • Drive through the Chunnel, turn left.
  • Don't look like a vulnerable wimp and you'll be fine.

Posting Again

A lot has happened over the past 3-plus months. Maybe at some point I will go over all of it with you, but then again, maybe not. For now, I am posting again. Also, I am once again in Europe for that annual Catalyst conference and will be posting some of the great quotes that are overheard.

Lastly, Chloe is hanging out with me in Europe this week as well. I will be reading her journal all week and posting the juicy parts. Pictures and other fun stuff coming all this week and next!

The Difference Between A Schmidget and A Shart

Today while walking back from lunch a couple of my colleagues, Chloe and I had a very riveting discussion about words. Another of our colleagues does not like the words "moist" and "fart." Now these are probably not the best words, but I do not have a problem with them. Karl commented that by themselves, these words are fine, but together they make the phrase "moist fart" which is really bad, and not only when you say it, but when it happens to you as well. Karl says he calls these "moist farts" a shart, while I would call them a "schmidget." We discussed this for a moment and came to the conclusion that with a "schmidget" you are probably checking your pants, but you are still good to go. With a "shart" you check your pants and are in trouble. Hopefully you packed a separate part of pants.