Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can We Fix It? Part 2

The washing machine was broken. Key word being was. I fixed it! The motor coupling burned out (the washer is 12 years old, so it was probably time for one). This job took me a while and I had to google a video of how to pull the motor out, but I finally got it.

I am awesomer than I even knew.
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Can We Fix It? Part 1

The hot water valve under the kitchen sink started leaking on new years eve. Today, I fixed it. You can see the newly installed valve in one of the pictures and the other is the old busted one. You can see the handle is no longer attached. The leak was through the handle, it is like over time the hot water just melted away the post the handle was on. This was a pretty simple fix. Took under an hour counting running to the store for the part.

I still have 2 more items that need to be fixed. The in-sink disposal went out and the washing machine broke - all on new years eve. Yeah, that was a good day. I will keep you updated on my progress as I attempt to fix things today.
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