Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am going to be poor

Recently the Fazolis by our house closed and they started stripping the inside of it. We had been wondering what would take its place. I don't think I can afford a Chickfila within 3 minutes of my house.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm An Animal

Went to In-N-Out with Chloe and Flater. Here are my animal fries. I also got my double-double animal style.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Performance of the Night

Chloe's violin concert was awesome! She did a great job. The concert was at First United Methodist church, which was a great place for a recital like this. It was a lot better than the school auditorium (where sound goes to die). Sorry for the darness of the video, but I'm not a professional and don't have professional equipment. I will try to do better next time.

Right Now

Chloe is playing right now. If you are not here you are going to miss it! I took some video and will get it posted.
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Last Performance of the Season

We are at the First United Methodist church downtown for Chloe's final Christmas performance. More to come.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jordan...Live and In Color

Above is Jordan playing in his concert, it is kind of like a "Where's Waldo?" Can you find him?

Jordan had his Christmas concert tonight. He plays percussion and played a total of three songs. In two on the songs, he played the tambourine. Let me tell you something, I have never seen a tambourine played better! Also, he got a solo on one of the songs where it is just him and his tambourine. It was awesome.

The movie below is of the song he played the drum for. As you watch you will see his music go flying off his stand and then requiring him to look over the drum at the person next to him. He kept playing without missing a beat! Way to go Jordan, you were awesome tonight!

Jordan's Turn

Chloe had dance last night, Jordan has band tonight. I will get some video and post it, but Jordan wants you to know that he is in the back and you won't see him, but he says, 'Hi."
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chloe's Dance Part 2

This is a picture of Chloe's dance class.

Below is Chloe's dance (just the last half). The stupid camera was not working for the first half and I had to restart it to get the video. I was angry. At least you can see the ending. It is a good dance and Chloe was awesome during it.

Chloe's Christmas Dance

Here is the beginning shot. I am going to try and video the dance on their second run through and post later.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

White Elephant

At work today we had our Christmas lunch with white elephant exchange. This is what I got. It is desktop dodgeball. It is awesome. You can throw the red ball and try to knock the kids over. If you are ever around my office you can stop by and play.

By the way, I "stole" this from someone else. I didn't unwrap it. It came with a Family Guy DVD but I didn't want that.
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Making the donuts

Ok, I didn't actually make any donuts, I just stopped at Harmons to get them. But, I didn't use a cart at the store, I carried them all by myself. My work has a donut Friday every week and someone brings donuts and we all sit around and chat. Today was my turn to bring the donuts. I got three dozen and I believe everyone had a good time, but you would have to ask them yourself.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Jordan and Sprinkles

On the polar express Jordan got to sit by an elf while we read the book Polar Express. The elf's name was Sprinkles and was nice enough to let us take a picture.
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Ry-ry's family did not make it

But I got a picture of my Mom and Dad with antlers.
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On the Train

We are on our way to the North Pole. We got Diana on no problem and we are waiting for Ry-ry's family - will they make the train? We have drama! The clock is ticking on these guys, if they miss it they will miss the first gift of Christmas. I will let you know. I will let you know.
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Going to the North Pole

Me and the family are going to the North Pole tonight. We are riding with my parents and Ry-ry's family. We will have some hot chocolate and see Santa and then come home. It should be a fun night. I will post pictures.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Arrrrrrrggghhh! I'm a Pirate

In more home fix-up news, we need some new slats for our laminate floor. The fridge leaked and water got trapped beneath the old linoleum and the laminate. The edges of the laminate have warped and it is no longer smooth. Last weekend Flater and I started ripping up the floor and marking bad slats.

The rest of the story is that we couldn't get good enough cuts and/or have enough slats to finish. We ended up putting everything back, but now the floor looks like this:
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Look What I Did

Our microwave broke about a month ago. We have been warming things up in the microwave. It has been fun, and long. I don't know how people cooked without a microwave. I am happy to have one back.

I went out on Black Friday to get this, bit Sears was out so I ordered it. Diana and I went and picked it up last night and then it was up to me to install.

It took about an hour and a half to get installed. I was able to use the old back mounting for the old microwave which made things easier. I did have to drill new top anchor holes. I thought that microwaces would have standard holes, but they don't.

It was a good time, and now we have a microwave again. It looks good, doesn't it?
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