Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look What I Did

Our microwave broke about a month ago. We have been warming things up in the microwave. It has been fun, and long. I don't know how people cooked without a microwave. I am happy to have one back.

I went out on Black Friday to get this, bit Sears was out so I ordered it. Diana and I went and picked it up last night and then it was up to me to install.

It took about an hour and a half to get installed. I was able to use the old back mounting for the old microwave which made things easier. I did have to drill new top anchor holes. I thought that microwaces would have standard holes, but they don't.

It was a good time, and now we have a microwave again. It looks good, doesn't it?
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thoughtful me said...

I think you meant to say we've been warming things up in the oven.....but it does look awesome and I for one, am glad to have a microwave back. Now it's time to go microwave some things! ;0)

RyRy said...

looks good. tell me, did Flater install your microwave too - or is that your actuall craftsmanship?