Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been A Long Month

The month of July has seemed like it has last forever. That is not a bad thing, the month has been fun, we have been busy for most of the month. Here is a quick recap of the month.

I started out the month just getting home from Catalyst and going right to Webelos Day Camp for two days. Then Diana and I saw some reindeer (Elk) and Sid had to correct me not once, but twice. Diana and I started our Woo nights this month, see what I mean, hasn't it seemed like we have been having Woo nights for a long time? I saw the Godfather trilogy for the first time in its completeness. We did fireworks for the 4th of July and all the family came in for a couple weeks. We went to the mansion and Lagoon. The family went to a Bees game and I hung out with my best friend for 5 minutes. I adopted Ingrid for a night. Chloe and I went to Sacramento (got to take a 10 hour car ride). Chloe went 4-wheeling. I saw Dark Knight, twice. I bought the Augustana CD and it has quickly became one of my very favorites. Estelle Getty died. I finally got Mario Kart for the family. Got the license plates for our new cars. Lastly, I had to pay over $4 for a gallon of gas. BOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Brown, One Black

If you made it out of your house with matching shoes, you did better than me today!

I left the house (a little bit later than usual) this morning and got in the car. I had to stop to get gas. I get out of the car at Costco and start pumping the gas. While the car is filling up I walk around to the front of the car and think, "My shoes feel weird." I look down and see that I am wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. I couldn't believe it. Now I was wondering what I needed to do. Do I go home and change? Do I go to work with shoes that do not match? What would you do? I was already running late, and I had stopped to get gas. I had a meeting at 9am, so I could not be late. I didn't think I had time to get back home (Costco is more than half way to my work). I was stumped. I guess I could wear unmatching shoes, but then I would be wondering all day, "Is she laughing at my joke, or the fact that I am wearing unmatching shoes? I will never know." I spend some time wondering if people will even notice, I mean, your shoes are under your desk for a lot of the day. This might not even be a big deal. I am sure people have been to work with shoes that don't match and everything worked out. Maybe.

I do not want to belabor the point any further. I have made a choice. I decided to stop at the WalMart by my work and pick up some shoes. I was thinking DSW (there is one by my work) but there is no way it is open before 9am. I get to the WalMart and get my shoes. My stupidity has now cost me $21. I do like the new shoes.

I suck.

Another Woo Night

Diana and I had another Woo Night planned for tonight. We went to Training Table and now we are getting ready to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Diana wants me to go play basketball with some friends tonight, but I would rather stay in. I have not been in the exercise mood these days. I have not been getting up in the morning like I should be.

Costco Gas

I filled up at Costco this morning. $4.03 per gallon. Not as bad as everywhere else, but still above the national average. I am hoping the price goes down before I have to fill the Pathfinder. $60 plus to fill up is just not fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Price of Gas

What is it with the price of gas around here? The national average was around $4.11 a couple weeks ago. Around my house was $4.15. Since that point the national average has fallen to under $4.00. Around my house the price has not changed at all! I am getting ticked off. I have never paid more than $4 a gallon (I filled up a long time ago and because I was out of town I have not driven much). Tomorrow I will have to fill up the Infiniti. Hopefully the price has gone down by then. I will of course go to Costco where it should be quite a bit cheaper (hopefully).

I just hope all the stations around here are feeling good about gouging us drivers for a little bit more money. Do they not realize that people are just not driving. The country has actually stopped or slowed down their miles in their cars. The prices have actually stopped people from driving, which is something that I thought would not happen. I bet that prices never go under $3 again (maybe $2.99 to make people happy). People will then adjust and next summer when prices go back over $4 people won't think it is that big of a deal.

More Links

Remember when all you wanted for your new car was a pimping sound system? I do. The new car buyer does not want this, they want portability. As someone that has had 2 different iPod to car connectors I will let you know that my first one (iTrip mini by Belkin) was pretty junky, it worked OK, I just had to have the volume on my iPod up all the way to make it work well. My current connector is an all-in-one iTrip and it works great. I love it. The sound is great, it does not matter what my volume is set on, and I can change the FM frequency that it broadcasts. Love it!

Apple is preparing new laptops. I no longer use Macs, I used to only use them. I can currently do anything that I want to on a Mac or on a PC. I do like to keep up on the Mac world, Apple makes great products and I like to see and touch them.

It is finally happening. All the people that love texting and IM are finally graduating college and think it is appropriate to write business emails like they text their friends. I rarely use an emoticon let alone write in text code when at work - or even for fun. I just cannot do it. I look at some things that people text and I can barely read it because of all the shorthand.

Jordan has nightmares when he reads scary books, movies, or anything scary. This experiment should have had Jordan participate and the findings would have been completely different.

RIM has announced the touch-screen Blackberry. I might want this.


Last night my sister-in-law from Iowa (soon to be Nebraska) let us watch her kids for a while when she went and did some shopping. We had a good time with them. I of course did most of the work. Just kidding. I saw one of my buddies taking his baby for a walk and I went out and talked to him for a long time and left Diana to do all the work. She even had to change a diaper! I am such a jerk.

It was a fun time. The kids like hanging out with their Iowa cousins and have a good time with them. They will be going home to Iowa soon so we really enjoyed being able to spend time with them.

300th Post

I am now at 300 posts. Many more good ones to come. I am about to enter a hot streak of posting.

Way to go me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

License Plates

We finally got the new license plates for our cars today. We had the Pathfinder ones for a while now, I just never put them on until tonight. When you buy two cars at basically the same time from different dealers you see how different dealers are. Where I got the Infiniti (Smith Family Motors) was great. I went in, they asked about the car, how I liked it, how things were going and offered to put the plates on for me. I obliged and let them the guy happily put the plates on and even removed the temporary ticket for me. That was great.

We went to Auto Gallery (where we got the Pathfinder) at the end of last week. They did not ask about the car. Did not care. Barely even talked to me. Made it like a chore to get my plates for me. I felt like just another customer there. To be fair, I did not hate them, they just paled in comparison to Smith Family Motors.

The good news is that both the cars now have plates. We are street legal.


You probably wonder why I have not talked about the new iPhone? Apple just did not get this right. They made it faster, but not better. They added applications that just do not work. Apple is too big of a company now to have this bad of a launch. The iPhone still needs a removable battery.

The whole Pluto not a planet thing really bugs me. If it bugs you too read this. This article lets you know what is going on in the universe and explains what is out there and what they are called. Call in the science geeks.

We make the kids read actual books. Just reading things on the internet is not good enough. Plus, reading books gives you the experience, reading online is just not the same. Check out the debate here.

Want to make sure your digital audio sounds great? Read this article. The music matters. Let it sound as good as it can.

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

The next movie we watched was Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns. Some of the stuff that Tyler Perry has done is excellent, others have not been very good. Keep reading to find out what I thought.


This movie was not very good all. The story was not good. This movie was not funny. I wondered if this was supposed to be a comedy or a drama, but I don't think anyone knew while they were making it. Also, Rick Fox cannot act. This movie should have been better, but it followed every cliche in the book.


I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars. I really had no hopes for this movie. Madea was also in this movie and it was very stupid. I am sick of Madea. I feel like Tyler Perry feels like she should just be in all his movies and hopes having her in the movie will drive an audience. Not this time.

Be Kind Rewind

Diana and I watched Be Kind Rewind. It is a sometimes funny comedy about a movie store. Oh, I forgot.


This little movie store in the middle of a rundown neighborhood in New Jersey is not renting movies very well. They still have VHS, no DVD. The old owner is going away to celebrate a local jazz legend that the old guys says was born in the building the store is now in. Jack Black is a crazy mechanic that lives in the junkyard across the street. Jack gets in trouble and gets himself magnatized. The young fellow that was left to run the store cannot keep Jack out of the building and he erases all the tapes. Jack and his buddy do not want to ruin the store, so when one of the renters wants to rent Ghostbusters (which was erased) they decide the record it themselves. The renter loves the movie and comes back for more. They keep making more and more movies and it is hilarious the way they make the movies and the things they do while making the movies. Of course, the rental place gets super popular and everyone loves the movies they make (Sweded!). The movie companies get wind of what they are doing and confiscate and destroy all the movies. They decide to make their own movie and everyone ends up happy.


This movie is hilarious in parts - where they make the movies. The rest of this movie is completely idiotic. I could not even stand the other parts of the movie. I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars. I had much higher hopes for this movie.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mario Kart Update

As you know we got Mario Kart the other day. Today we had time to play as a family. In the past three days the kids have gotten really good. Chloe dominated and Jordan was good too. He would win every so often. It took me and Diana a little while to get back in the groove. Diana once again became the best and I was hit and miss. I am still looking for the right driver/car combination. I still have to find out how we can get other drivers and other cars/motorcycles to choose from. So far we have only unlocked one extra driver (Rosalind) and one car (Rosalind's).

Last Night

Last night we (the entire family) went to a neighbors house for a little get-together. We had a good time hanging out with friends and talking. As the night went on we shot off some parachuters. The wind did not seem that bad, but once the parachuter was in the air it drifted on to the top and over the house. I kept moving back and further back until I in the neighbors yard. After I shot off like 10 parachuters the owner of the house came out and kicked me off his property. The kids weren't happy because then the parachuters drifted too far away. I wasn't happy about the neighbor guy and I told him that I only had a couple left to do. I wasn't happy, but my friend that lives by the guy told me that the guy was always a jerk and it wasn't just me. After the parachuters we did some sparklers. I had like 20 kids around me all trying to get their sparkler lit at the same time. Needless to say, there were some injuries. One of the girls got poked in the chest by someone else with a sparkler and another girl stepped on some hot ash. Once I got back to the adults I had to tell them that there was a reason I have only 2 kids, I can't control any more than that.

Overall it was a good night. The kids went right to sleep when we got home. We tired them out, and that is always a good thing.

Boys Fight Too

Just to make sure I get all the good sports fights this week:

This is a really good fight for a baseball game. There was real punches in this one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fools Gold

Another day, another movie. Last night was the Matt McConahey (do not know the spelling) and Kate Hudson thrill ride, Fools Gold.

Matt is a loser looking for treasure. Kate is divorcing him because he is a loser. Matt finds a plate of a long lost treasure. Some bad gangster dude takes it from him (Matt owns the dude big money). Kate is working for a rich dude as like a maid on his boat. Matt needs the rich dude to give him money to complete his search for the treasure. The team goes to start searching but the bad gangster dude already has a team out there. Kate and Matt have a bunch of adventures, get trapped, get out of it. They do it in a church and feel bad about it. They hit people with shovels. They drive around on a scooter. They find the treasure and are very happy. They get back together.


This movie was better than I thought it would be, but that is only because I thought it would really suck. I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars. I think Diana would give it a slightly higher grade, but this is not her blog, so she doesn't get a say. You can contact her yourself if you want her view of the movie.

Links for Today

RIM just announced their new phone, the Bold. I talked about this phone a couple months ago, but the phone is now official. The Bold is not an iPhone killer, but it is a killer phone. Fast 3G speed, big screen, and there is even an iTunes sync. Nice phone, and it looks awesome.

Microsoft is delusional. Here is a memo from Steve Ballmer, the guy that runs Microsoft now that Bill Gates is gone. This guy is crazy. Some of my highlights are when he talks about making the best sfotware in the world and how he is going to make people excited to use products.

If anyone is buying a digital camera (Littlkins), you should read this article on what is important when you buy a camera. It is the sensor that matters.

I remember the last time I got a new computer from Dell and the hundreds of crappy programs that were installed. It takes a couple days just to get everything you do not want on your computer deleted when you get a new one. This article talks about why it happens and what to do about it.

Click the link to view a bunch of pictures of high-tech graffiti.

New iPod Nanos will be mutli-colored and have more storage. I cannot even use the 8GB on my touch.

Here is an update on the computer guy that locked his own network down to blackmail his employer and still got paid while he was waiting in jail. He is full of excuses.

Mario Kart

At the WalMart today I saw a box that I had been looking for. Mario Kart. There it was. I had Chloe wait by the window until I could go get an employee to get me the box. The kids are down playing right now. Everyone is happy. Now that we have the game the sky is a little bluer, birds sing a little sweeter, everyone's smile is a little brighter. Diana is still the best at it. I told her she needed to go play so she could keep her edge. It will take a while for the kids to get better. I am sure we will play more as time goes on.

Next time you are over you can play with us, but be aware, we don't go easy on beginners!

24th of July

For all you non-Utah readers, the 24th of July is a holiday in Utah. It is the day Mormon pioneers arrived in the valley. There is a big parade and a rodeo and a marathon and a whole lot of other stuff. I do have a question for you non-utahns. Do you still celebrate the 24th of July even though you moved away from Utah? Do your neighbors think it is weird that the 24th means anything to you?

My work is a nationwide, even worldwide, company and they do not have the 24th as a holiday. My friends think it is weird. I do not really mind it though, most of the things you do on the 24th are in the afternoon or evening, so working during the day is not a problem for me.

Finally Caught Up

I finally caught up on all my work email from over the past three weeks as I was in and out of the office and on vacation. It was sad when I was answering emails from the 18th yesterday. All my reply emails started with, "Sorry for the delay on this reply..."

I am the type of person that tries to keep my inbox empty except for items that I still to respond to or items that I am currently working on. I was up over 200 messages, now I am back down to my around 30 amount that I am usually juggling.

More on the Girl Fight

The WNBA passed out suspensions for the brawl the other night. You can read more about it here. I love how the Detroit team says that Mahorn was a "peacemaker." I am sure peacemakers all around the world go out and push opponents down to the ground. It would be one thing if he was grabbing his own players, but the rule has to be that you do not touch the opposing teams players. So many players are suspended that the teams have to stagger the suspensions. The more the better. Hopefully this publicity stunt works out for them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girl Fight

In an effort to improve attendance at WNBA games the girls have decided to start fighting.

Southwest Airlines

I had never flown Southwest (until Saturday, from Oakland to SLC). I didn't really like it. The price was right, but the whole ticketing thing really blew me away. Chloe and I bought our tickets at the same time, on the same bill even. When we check in and get our boarding passes (which I looked up all my information on my Curve while standing in line - awesome!) they are in totally different boarding groups. I could not believe it. I went up to the gate and told them that we would both board at the same time and we would board from my pass - which was near the first. We got good seats, but not great. Chloe got the window and was happy.

Once we got in the air you get a not very good drink and horrible treats. We saved them to give to Jordan, not because they were horrible, but because Chloe and I shared a pizza in the airport. I might fly Southwest again because they were cheap. I really liked Jet Blue and I use Delta the most, so Southwest can be the number three airline that I use.

Fantasy Baseball Update

I haven't let you know about my fantasy baseball team lately. Probably because of how much I suck. I hit a rough patch of injuries and then an even rougher patch where none of my guys could hit. I have started to come back a little the past couple weeks, and I have beaten some of the leading teams, only to get crushed by the loser teams. I guess I am one of those loser teams. Hopefully the team can pick things up and I can get a winning streak going.

Below is this weeks match, I am beating the best team (once again). Hopefully it sticks.

Shopping, part 2

We were only in San Francisco from about 11am to 2pm, but we got everywhere. After the Wharf and the taxi ride back to the BART station Chloe still wanted to go shopping. We went back to the Powell Street station and went back to the mall. This time we went to a bunch of shops and looked for stuff for Chloe. We ended up at H&M and Chloe picked out a bunch of shirts for her. We couldn't find any pants (they were too low - crack is whack) for her though. It was almost 2pm and we still had to get to the Hilton to pick up out bags. We leave the mall and there is a Gap right across the street. I tell Chloe we can go to the Gap to find her some pants. We go in and end up getting a couple more shirts as well as a pair of pants. Chloe loved it. She likes to shop. When she is a teenager she is going to be trouble.

All in all I think Chloe liked her time in San Francisco and really liked her time in Sacramento. It was a good week and we had a lot of fun. After Chloe and I picked up our luggage from the Hilton we got back on the BART and rode to Oakland where we then took the bus from the BART stop to the airport and flew home.


We watched the new on video 21 tonight. It was pretty OK. It was not spectacular. It was not as good as Diana wanted it to be either.

There is a super smart kid at MIT that is trying to get to Harvard. He is on cruise control at school until he impresses one of the professors, Kevin Spacey. Spacey has a card-counting ring going on in Vegas. He wants the super smart kid (I think Ben was his name) to be on his team. Spacey teaches Ben how to count cards and he is awesome. The team goes to Vegas and start making money. Ben just wants his $300,000 for Harvard and then out. As Ben wins more money he gets a bigger head and more reckless. Plus, he gets the hot chick, Kate Bosworth. One night Ben loses all the money and Spacey is pissed. Spacey rats Ben out to the security guys and Ben gets the crap beat out of him.

Ben goes back to school a loser. Spacey has ruined him and stolen all his money. Sad for Ben. Ben finally apologizes to Spacey and they decide to go for one more big run and get as much as they can. This time Spacey is actually going to play. The team goes to play and they win. A lot. They are happy but securty starts to run after them. Spacey splits off from Kate and Ben and gets away. Ben and Kate get away too. You then see that Ben had switched the chips so Spacey gets nothing, plus you see that one of the security guys is in Spacey's limo. He is busted. Then you see that Ben made a deal with security to get Spacey. Spacey is pissed, but he is screwed. Ben thinks he gets all the winnings, but the security guy (Laurence Fishbourne) takes the money for his "pension". At the end you see that Ben is telling this story to the scholarship committee for Harvard, as he has lost all his own money.


This movie was OK, not great. Diana wanted a lot better. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

Tonight is the Night

Tonight is another Woo Night with the wife. Diana wants to see Mamma Mia! Mimi's for dinner too. It should be a good time. Now, some of you have told me about your doubts about Woo Night and exactly what it is all about. I want to give you the definition on Woo from
to seek the favor, affection, or love of

That is not what you guys try to lead me to believe the definition is. You guys have a warped, sick, and twisted mind!

Fisherman's Wharf

As we come up out of the Embarcadero BART station we have no idea which way to go. We follow the crowds and walk through a bunch of little tent shops that are selling various junk. We get down to the Embarcadero and Pier 1. What? We have to walk all the way to Pier 39? And these are not just little short hops between piers, they are blocks. We walk and walk and walk and walk and walk (just like the pioneer children). We finally make it to the Wharf. We walk through the shops and food areas. All the way to the end. We see the sea lions. I have a picture of them below.

It is time for lunch and Chloe wants a churro. We start to head up to the churro truck and Chloe sees the Dreyer ice cream store. She now wants ice cream for lunch. I told her, "We were on vacation so why not?" She got a double scoop with chocolate and peanut butter cup. She loved it. Chloe wanted to do more shopping and we had to head back to the Hilton to get our luggage. We are heading back to the BART and we decided to not walk back (we would not be good pioneers), we just took a cab to the station.

Shopping, Part 1

After dropping the luggage off at the Hilton we walked up to Union Square so Chloe could see just how big a city San Fran really is. If you have never been to Union Square, it is actually a parking garage (under it) and on top is a memorial for something (I did not read it) and a walking area with a cafe on one side. Across the street from every direction is some of the largest and well-respected retailers in the world. There is a Tiffany's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, NikeTown, and Victorias Secret, and that is not even all of them. We walk all around there and then head to the mall right on Powell Street. From there we start to look in the shops and get a little snack (Wetzel's Pretzels). I get a hot chocolate because it is a cold and windy day in San Fran. Kenzie finds some pants that she wants. Kelly, her Dad, has to see them before she can get them (crack is whack). Cindi and I are taking bets on how long until Kenzie comes out crying because her Dad did not get the pants. A couple minutes later she walks out with a bag in her hand, smiling. Kelly actually got her the pants! We couldn't believe it!

After this small miracle we headed back to the BART to go to the Embarcadero and walk to Fisherman's Wharf.


I used Fandango to get my tickets for Dark Knight in Sacramento. I do not know why I had not used them before. The system was fast and easy to use. I was worried that there would not be a lot of available shows but it was all good. If you have not used Fandango before they have my support and I will be using them more in the future, especially for hard to get into shows.

Can You Keep My Bags?

While we were in San Francisco for the day I had my luggage (Chloe and I were flying home that night). I had no idea what to do with my stuff and I did not want to carry it around all day. We were at the Powell Street BART station and I know the area fairly well, Burton Group has had Catalyst there a couple times. It came to me in a flash, "Take your stuff to the Hilton, they will watch your stuff." The Hilton was only two blocks away. A pretty quick walk in San Francisco and I had my stuff put away for the day. The Hilton has changed a ton since the last time I was there. They now have a Starbucks in the lobby. There is also no more little cafe and restaurant in the back of the lobby, it is a big ballroom now. Big changes. I didn't like them.

Gotta Love a Good Sign

I want to keep up my tradition of posting great signs I see as I wander through my daily life. Above is the latest and greatest. The best part of the sign is the homeless guy jumping around with the sign. Sorry I did not get a picture of the guy. I am not a very good walker and picture taker at the same time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trolley in the SF

I like the image above because it is a trolley in San Francisco. I also like it because it is the 200th picture I have taken with my Curve. It is a pretty good camera. I have really liked having it. I don't think my blog would be half as cool as it is without the Curve.

Chloe was pretty shell-shocked as we came up out of the BART station at Powell Street in SF. This is a pretty busy neighborhood and I dont't think Chloe knew what to expect. We take about five steps and her hand grabbed mine as tight as she could. Right after that a lady with no shoes and clothes from the 60's came up to ask for change. It was a wild day and this was all in the first three minutes.


On Saturday (the last day of my vacation), Chloe and I and the DeVoogd's went to San Francisco to hang out for a while. San Fran is about an hour and half away from Sacramento so it was not that bad of a drive. We did not drive the whole way, we stopped at the 2nd to the top BART stop and rode in. I like BART. It is old and starting to show its age, but it is a good public transportation system for the US. Not as good as what I have seen in Europe, but nice. It was a fun day. I will post more as the night progresses. Here is a pic on the BART of Chloe and Kenzie looking cool.

Not So Golden Today

Estelle Getty passed away today. She was old (84). She had been sick for quite a while. Of course, the reason this is important is because she was Sophia on Golden Girls. I think you all know what I think of Golden Girls (I know I have taken enough heat for this post). I am not going to take back my like (never said love) of Golden Girls.

Bummer that she died, now we will never get that Golden Girls movie!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Wants to See a Magic Trick?

More on Batman

The Dark Knight is as good the second time as it was the first. This movie is great. I read this today and I agree completely. Batman needs to be dark. Batman needs to not have "friends" in the police force. Batman needs to have an edge about him. Batman needs to be hunted. He can't have friends out there helping him.

Some no-no's for the next (we all know there will be another one) Batman movie:

DO NOT try to bring back the Joker. No one can replace Heath Ledger. He is the Joker and anyone else that would even try would be shameful.

DO make Batman hunted by the police force, he can never have a safe moment while he is the costume, he needs to be hunting criminals while he is being hunted by the police.

DO NOT bring in Wonder Boy (Robin), he was the downfall of the earlier franchise.

DO kill more main characters. When we know that anyone can die at any time then no one is safe. I understand that Batman won't die, but everyone else should be up for grabs.

DO NOT make the movie light and fluffy. Batman is a dark character, having things be light and fluffy is just not right.

DO let Bruce Wayne be happy, but his girlfriend does not need to know he is Batman.

Remeber that Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, not the hero Gotham needs.

In the Theatre

Diana and I and in the theatre waiting for Dark Knight to start. Diana is excited, I am excited. This is Diana's first viewing, but I am testing the rewatchability of Dark Knight. More info to come soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks DeVoogd's

Chloe and I just wanted to say thanks to Kelly, Cindi, and the whole gang (even the dogs that always bark at me) for the good time this week. We had a lot of fun. Let's do this again soon.

P.S. Screw you Kelly.

Travel Day

Chloe and I head home today, but before that we are going to San Francisco to hang out. More on that later. I am currently sitting in the Oakland Airport waiting for our plane. We had a quick snack at got Chloe a Sprite, now we just wait. Plane leaves at 4:35. Probably 20 minutes til we board. Hopefully Southwest is better at being on time than Delta.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

You need to stop reading this now and go see this movie!

Rarely does a movie live up to the hype. This movie exceeds the hype. It is everything promised and more. The only real sticking point is how come Katie Holmes did not come back to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. I am not a Maggie Gyllenhal fan (not that I am a huge Katie Holmes fan either), so that was weird.

Heath Ledger was incredible. There was not one point where I said, "That is Heath Ledger." He is soooooo different from anything he has done before. This role really seems to have driven him mad, and I can see why.

I want to tell you so much, but I do not want to give it away. Just know that when you go you will be very happy. The movie is over 2 and half hours, but it does not feel long. You do not need treats or a drink or anything that will have you looking away from the screen at any point. This movie is action or it is the plot moving along.

The Dark Knight is above and beyond anything anyone has tried to do before with a comic book movie. This movie is epic, and it feels that way too. The Dark Knight leaves you wanting more and I cannot wait to see what Christopher Nolan does next with the Batman franchise. I hope Penguin is never in another Batman movie, but I would like to see Nolan's take on Catwoman and the Riddler. Jim Carrey was good as the Riddler, but a darker turn would be interesting.

I Have Seen It

And it is good.

More coming soon.

Dark Knight Tonight

My tickets are for 5:20PM. Kelly and I are going to be there at 4:30 so we can get in and get seated without any problems. I am so excited. This could be the greatest movie ever!

Jelly Belly Loves Dogs

In the Jelly Belly parking lot there is this sign:

Jelly Belly loves your dog, they even want them to have their own hydrant. How nice!

Jelly Belly

Today we went to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield which is about 40 minutes away. At the factory is a tour, food court, and shop. We left early in the morning so we could be front in line. Cindi kept saying how the line would be bad. Once we got there is did not seem too busy. We got in line for the tour and I saw a sign that talked about how Jelly Belly and Coldstone Ice Cream have joined forces for good. Jelly Belly has created flavors for some of Coldstones flavors. The Jelly Belly people brought around samples of Strawberry Blonde - and it was excellent. It tasted exactly as it should.

We started the tour and it was pretty good. I found out that Buttered Popcorn, one of Diana's favorite, is the number 3 flavor in all of Jelly Belly land. The tour showed how flavors are created and then made. Did you know that the centers are made and then the shells are added? I thought it was all the same process. It takes 21 days to make Jelly Bellys. The shipping is pretty cool also. I have never seen so many jelly beans at once. There is a huge machine that dumps the jelly beans on a belt. The machine was spilling everywhere. It was funny.

After the tour we went to the shop and I got a BUNCH of jelly beans. I got watermelon for me. Pina Colada and Buttered Popcorn for Diana. Soda Pop and Smoothie for Chloe. I also got some Coldstone flavors. These ones are super good.

Lastly we went to the food court to get food. Chloe and I got a jelly bean shaped pizza. It was really good. My sister and her kids got jelly bean shaped hamburger, jelly bean shaped personal pizza, chicken fingers, onion rings. A lot of good stuff. The food was overpriced, but the tour was free!

As we exited we learned why Cindi wanted to be early as the tour line had passed the one hour marker. It was long. It was busy. It was crazy there. A lot of people like the Jelly Belly tour. Here are some pics of our fun day:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Moon in Sacramento

Driving home the moon looked like this:I thought it looked great. My Curve probably did not take the best shot - it would have been better in Cindi would have slowed down a little. The moon just looked huge in the sky. It was also super bright.

Almost Got This For Diana...

Walking the streets of Old Town Sacramento I came across this:A freaking Wonder Woman cookie jar! It was hard to walk away, I just did not know how I would get it home. You can't find stuff like this in Salt Lake.

Old Town Sacramento

Right on the water in Sacramento they have an old town. It is pretty cool. I had never been before, Chloe had been. The shops actually look like an old western town. There is even an old paddle/steam boat. You can see a picture of the boat above. We went to the Joe's Crab Shack they have there, and then walked the streets. There are all kinds of crazy stores. A bunch of tourist trap shops and some restaurants. There was a huge candy store (Candy Heaven is the name) where you get free samples of candies.

Overall, Old Sacramento was pretty good. I enjoyed my time there.

Am I Dreaming?

My dream last night: Diana and I were crossing the street (4700 South) by my parents church. We were trying to get to the Rainbo gas station that used to be there. It took us a while to get across. It was very frogger like. Just as we head in to the Rainbo I look back and see John Stamos trying to cross as well. Stamos was not as lucky as Diana and I were, he got hit. I ran out and helped him. I think he will be OK. Diana would be unconsolable if anything happened to John Stamos.
That was it. Weird. John Stamos?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Got My Dark Knight Tickets

I just purchased tickets for Friday at 5:20 for the Dark Knight. I should probably get my tickets for Saturday when I go see it with Diana as well. It will be a good time, can't wait.

Augustana Album Update

I keep listening to the Augustana album, and I continue to love it more and more. It is great. Each song is placed in the right spot on the album (I love it when a band gets that right) and the songs themselves are GREAT. I am almost ready to post my review, but I will wait until I get back to Salt Lake to do it.

If you do not have this album - you need to get it!

Links for today

Here in California ("Kal-E-forn-ya" by the Governator) I had time to read some stories on the internet. Here is the best of what I read today.

The Celtics are in trouble. They would not have won without James Posey, and they lost him because they would not add another year to his deal. They will be kicking themselves next June when they lose in the first or second round. This deal really improves the Hornets. They have quite a team, I see big things for them next year (if they stay healthy).

You should never take money out of your 401(k). Never. I know times are bad for the economy, but just do not do it. The money you lose is just not worth it.

Gil Grissom is leaving CSI? I do not know if I can watch the show once he leaves. I will have to see how they do this. He really is the heart and soul of CSI. When he left last season for like 6 weeks the show got harder to watch. It is good to hear that Sara will be coming back. I do not know how they could bring back the Miniature Killer, but this is TV, so whatever. I do not like Lady Heather so she doesn't matter.

I wonder how long until there is a copycat of this? I am surprised this is the first time that something like this has happened and made a big splash. I am sure there are plenty of people that could go out to the internet and lock down servers and basically hold their company hostage. I think we will see more of this in the future. At least this guy is still getting paid. Is there really not a way to stop paying him until his trial? Nuts.

I love my BlackBerry (you already know this). Something I thought was weird happened a couple weeks ago and I finally had time today to look into it. We call Lesley "LD", but when you type LD on the blackberry it inserts the day. Weird and annoying. I found this story on tips to use your BlackBerry, and it explains the LD thing. I wish there was a way to get rid of it. It is so much easier to type LD then Lesley.

Pandora, the internet radio station is a killer app on the iphone. I got to try and get this on my BlackBerry. I wish that I had it. This is a reason to get the iPhone.

I like jokes, I have a couple that are pretty bad that I can do. Here are some more bad jokes. Really bad.


Chloe and I went four-wheeling today. It was Chloe's first time on a 4-wheeler. At first she drove a little slow (she said "safe"). By the end of the day she was flying around (almost) as fast as everyone else. Me, I drive like I always do - fast. Here are the pics.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Added Pictures

I added pictures from the Bees game last night. Here are the links:


Last night Gert (one of ry-ry's kids) wanted me to take his picture. I did. Here it is.

From Sid (part 2)...

Sid originally responded to this post.

And now he is responding to this post.

The elk in your picture is a male. Female Elk, otherwise known as “cows” do not have antlers. Don’t even think about calling them “horns”.

I guess my irony does not comes through via the blog.

I do know that only male elk have horns.

Got Any Fruit?

We just got stopped at the fruit checkpoint. The inspector wanted to actually go through our stuff. Now the kids are full of questions as to why you cannot bring fruit from Utah or Idaho to California. Chloe is freaking out that fruit has diseases on it. I let her know that it is just the fruit tree disease, not a human disease. My sister did not even try to bribe the inspector with a chocolate.

Welcome to California

Just passed the California state line. 2 hours left on the drive. The fruitcakes in the back only know one line from any of the songs they sing. I put the iPod in and we are rocking, and yes, we did listen to some Augustana.

Good News, Bad News

Good news: we just passed the first mileage sign for Sacramento, 258 miles to go.

Bad news: we just passed the first mileage sign for Sacramento, 258 miles to go.

If you are from Winnemucca do not read this

"It smells here, Dad." says Chloe. "That's how you know you are in Winnemucca." I respond. We make a quick stop in the mucca for the potty and food in the car. This is where Cindi declares that we need to be nice because we have 5 more hours. WOW.

The Armpit Of America

Yes, we just drove through Battle Mountain, Nevada. No, we did not stop.

West Wendover, Nevada

Me and Chloe's excellent Sacramento adventure has officially started. We are at Burger King in Wendover for breakfast. Almost ready to get back in the car. The kids have slept most of the way so far, but I think they will be up for a while now that they have had food.

Bees Lose

I must be bad luck. The Bees are one of the best triple A teams, and the two times I have attended a game this year they have lost. The Padres lost 2 of 3 games that I watched while at Catalyst. I do not know what to do about it. I wish I could help the teams I go to see win. I guess I need to send out more "good vibes" while I am at the game.
UPDATE: Here is a picture from the game.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Just sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch. I would have to say I sounded pretty good. The rest of the family was a little so-so.

At the Bees game

Gert is standing next to me honking my nose and pulling on my ear. The Bees are losing (don't they always when I go to the game) 2-1. The second run was scored on an error. There has not been much more action. The Bee came up to the suite and we got some pictures, I will post them later. It is the top of the 7th inning, I will keep you updated.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Albums

Today on my search for Mario Kart I did buy some new albums. One for me and one for Diana. For Diana I got Secondhand Serenade. She loves it. Only heard it once, but she is happy with it. For me I got the new Augustana album. It is awesome. Even Diana was bobbing her head while we were listening to it in the car. I will listen to it for a couple days and then post a review of the album.

Mario Kart

My nephew got Mario Kart for his birthday. His mom got only one extra wheel, so I went and bought 3 more - I know that is one too many, but the one extra will be for when we get the game. We played this game for the whole two days we were at the Northgate Mansion this week. It is awesomely fun! It took a couple races of us being in dead last to catch on, and now Diana is probably the best. She is the only one that has actually won a medal in a Cup race and she even took first once. We have to get this game...and soon. If anyone knows where to find it let me know, I will run right over.

Jet Star 2

Yesterday at Lagoon I was telling my nephew about the Jet Star 2 and how they had to have a part 2 because on the Jet Star 1 the cars kept flying off the track, now that they have the Jet Star 2 only about 1 in every 50 rides does the car come off. He was really believing me until his Dad said no.

Even after all my talk the group still went on the ride. Here is a picture of them at the very top of the Jet Star.

Kids are just too trusting sometimes.

And the winner is...

One of the local news stations is doing a Lagoon photo contest. You are supposed to snap a picture of someone having fun at Lagoon. Here is my entry.

I think it's a winner.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Image from Lagoon

We stayed at Lagoon until it closed, the kids were on the Music Express (again) when the closing was announced. Here is a pic a took while they were on the ride at 10PM.

Next time we go to Lagoon I am making the kids go on some real rides.


That stands for "Best Friends For Five Minutes."

Little Addy (another one of ry-ry's kids) is one of the most tempermental little kids you have ever met. One minute she will be your best buddy and hang out with you and give out hugs and kisses. The next minute she won't even look at you when you talk to her. It is crazy. Can't wait for this one to become a teenager.

Here is a picture of Chloe and Addy. Chloe is one of the only people that she will go to at (almost)any time (the only other person is her Mom). It is pretty cute.


We had a 60th birthday party for my Dad today. His birthday is really in May, but in May the whole family wasn't in town, so we did it today. We saw a lot of family members we have not seen in a while. We "stole" one of ry-ry's kids to tell everyone she was our own. We named her Ingrid and had a whole backstory for her. She was born on Diana's birthday, Diana was just opening a red scarf that I had gotten for her. The kids got her some flip-flops. Diana went in to labor and we thought that maybe she wouldn't be born on Diana's birthday because she was in labor for a long time. But little Ingrid was born at 11:52PM.

Great story.
Here is a picture of "Ingrid." Diana wanted to name her "Bailey" but it was my background story - so too bad.

From Sid...

Got this email from Sid today at work:

This is an elk. It is in the deer family, but is not generally referred to as a “deer”. It is especially not a “reindeer”. It’s in the velvet and a nice looking elk at that.

Now doesn't that Sid just think he know everything. The only thing he left out is if it is male or female.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lagoon A Beach

So I am sitting on the edge of the lazy river in a deck chair, watching the new baby as I get some sun. Yes, honey, I put sunscreen on earlier today as well as before we came to the water park. The pool closes in another 45 minutes so hopefully the kids have some fun.


Lagoon now has mix your own Icees. They are a little more expensive, but you get a refillable container. Refills are half off. Seems to be an OK deal. I got one for Chloe and Jordan. Next: the kids are going swimming.

Music Express

The kids don't always go on the scariest rides, but they do love the vomit-inducing music express. Go figure. I will post a picture later.
UPDATE: Here is the picture I promised.

I'm Safe

Stop you're worrying. Made it out alive.

In line at Lagoon

Waiting to get on Rattlesnake Rapids. Just want everyone to know just in case I don't make it out of here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Definitely, maybe

Watched another movie today. Definitely, maybe. Diana thought Dane Cook was in this movie. I do not watch Dane Cook movies so I had to make sure it wasn't him before I rented it. It was not Dane Cook, it was Ryan Reynolds. This movies was cute and was not bad. Here is the synopsis:
The movies starts with what looks like a pretty successful guy getting divorce papers. He goes to pick his daughter up at school, he gets her a couple days a week) where they had their first lesson on sex education. The girl had some questions (of course), but it was not about sex, it was about how her Mom and Dad met. The Dad goes in to the story, but the story is about three girls, and the daughter will need to choose which one becomes the Mom. The stories are cute and you see how he falls in and out of love with the girls and how life changes things. You get commentary from the daughter as the story goes along. The girl picks out which one is her Mom, but also realizes that her Dad is still in love with one of the other girls in the story. The daughter helps her Dad get back with April, the girl that he loves. It all ends happy.
As we were watching I told Diana how the show would go and I hit it right on. I picked the Mom out and said who the Dad would end up with. I am awesome, or I watch too many movies. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. I do recommend this movie for someone that wants a fun, light, romantic comedy.

Yard Update

Did yard work today. The grass was pretty long. While I was gone at Catalyst I had a boy from the neighborhood take care of the yard (just mow). Let's just say I won't ask him to do it again. Things were pretty bad. The boy did not weed eat or use the edger, so the edges were tall and very unkempt. Just the edging and weed eating took a while.

I finally got to mowing and the yard actually looks pretty good this year. Not too many weeds. I do have a lot of morning glory coming up though. Does anyone know of anything that will kill the morning glory in your yard?

Food Channel Cake Challenge

Diana and I are watching Disney/Pixar cake challenge on Food Network. These dudes are making some crazy cakes. This is a fun show to watch if you get time. The premise of the show is each team gets a Disney movie/character assigned to them. The team then needs to make a cake with the character. These cakes are pretty awesome. Try to catch it if you can.

Friday, July 4, 2008


There are so many explosions going on outside the house right now it is like I am in downtown Baghdad. I just wonder if there are any cops out there that go after people that light off the illegal fireworks. Half of my neighborhood would be ticketed. I just wonder who are these people that spend $200 on fireworks plus the gas to run up to Evanston and back. I just do not see how it is worth it. I spent almost $50 today and thought it was a waste. We did not even light all of ours. We will save them for the 24th of July. Lighting fireworks is like putting a $20 on the ground and burning it.

Golden Girls

Why is it that Golden Girls is still so good? Some older shows are just horrible - but Golden Girls rocks. Diana and I were watching it and I just could not believe how funny/great it still was. I think I have seen every episode, but they are still fun to watch. Golden Girls has a pretty good formula. The girls talk in the kitchen, have a small fight, talk it out, everyone loves each other, end of show. The writers just gave Blanche and Rose different stories to tell in each episode and the girls fight about different stuff or different people each week. Back in the day making this show was like printing money. It is hard to believe that it was a number 1 show when it was on, but it was, and people still love it today. Don't tell me you are not singing the theme song to yourself right now.

Thank you for being a friend.
Travel down the road and back again.
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you ever knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me.
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.

10,000 BC

Diana and I watched 10,000 BC today. It was just OK. Nothing special for sure. There was action, but nothing that blew me away and said this is awesome. The basic storyline goes like this: **SPOILERS BELOW**

There is a group of hunters (did I mention that this was supposed to be in 10,000 BC). They have a prophecy around this girl they find, whomever is her "man" will be the best hunter and leader of the tribe. She grows up and a certain boy likes her. The boy is an outcast. As they grow they begin to fall in love, but he cannot have her until he wins her in the hunt. During the hunt the boy takes down the animal all by himself with mostly luck. He wins the girl and is happy, except the old leader knows that he did not really "win" her. The boy gives her up. That night the bad people come and steal a bunch of the villagers. The boy follows and while he is gone meets many people and has many adventures. He gains many friends and once he finds the girl and his other villagers he sets them free and all the other slaves. Him and the girl live happily ever after.


I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Like I said, it was just a movie. Time filler. This could have really been epic, but just was not executed correctly to be that great.

4th Fireworks

Tonight we went to my parents house for a BBQ and fireworks. It is was a good time. Some people had turkey burgers, but that is just un-American on the 4th. I had a great burger. We then chatted for a while and did parachuters. Chloe and Jordan love the parachuters. They could run after them all day long. They seem to like the parachuters more than actual fireworks. We had a good time and both Chloe and Jordan caught a couple right out of the air.

Once it got dark we lit off the fireworks (and dodged the next-door neighbors illegal fireworks). The smoke was blowing right in our face all night. When the next-door neighbors lit their fireworks I had to close my eyes it was so bad. Plus, I could feel ash or something else hitting my face. My eyes were burning.

I lit off all the parachuters so Ry-ry lit off all the fireworks that we did. We also did some sparklers (offical name Morning Glory). The kids love these.

Here are some pictures:

Links to Independence

This report says that the economy is forcing lower-income families to drop their internet service. I do not think I could live without internet. I spend too much time and do too many things online to be without it.

There is an alarm clock that will dial your friends via cell phone if you do not get up when the alarm goes off. Talk about embarrassing. The one thing the report does not say is what happens when the phone dials your friend.

You know those websites that ask you questions to login? Do you ever wonder what the long list of answers look like? It could be very interesting.

A slide-out keyboard on the iPhone would betray everything that Apple said when they launched the device. Apple, don't do it!

This just in: WallE is in honor of Steve Jobs? WTHO?

The Godfather Trilogy

In the past week Diana and I have watched the entire Godfather trilogy. We have never seen each movie on its own. We have seen parts of these movies, but never actually sat and watched. We watched one and two earlier, but watched part three last night. These movies were great. I cannot believe they were made in the 70's. These movies are what other people think about when they do gangster movies. I always thought the horse head thing was in part two, but it is in one. Everyone says part two is the best sequel ever (my vote: Empire Strikes Back), but I liked the first one best. The third one is super weak. One other question is: where is this great actor Al Pacino? The Al Pacino I know is no where as cool as the one that plays in these movies. Even part three where the story sucks, Pacino is just awesome. I do not want to give too much of these movies away because if you have never watched them you need to go to the store, rent these movies and watch them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Woo/Date Night

Diana and I went out tonight on our first of many woo/date nights. It is time set aside just for me and Diana to go out and do something. Some times it may be shopping. Some times it may just be a nice dinner. Some times it could be a movie. Tonight we went to a movie (Wanted) and then to dinner (Chik-fil-a). It was a good time. The movie was good and even awesome in parts. If you are an Angelina Jolie fan you will love this movie. She is one bad woman, and this movie shows it. I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars. I do not want to say more - maybe a full review when it comes out on video. Diana will probably make us buy it.
After the movie we went to Chik-fil-a and got our regular (Chicken Nugget combo with Lemonade to drink). Chik-fil-a is awesome and I think I should go there more. I love it.
We just got home and while I blog Diana is watching So You Think You Can Dance. When I have more time I will blog a little about this show. It do I say this...interesting.


As Diana and I were driving home from our Woo/Date night we passed Santa Claus's house. I did not know that he lived in South Jordan, maybe just in the summer. Diana was very happy that the deer was looking at her while she took the picture. Too bad he turned away right as she clicked the button. No matter, it is still a good pic.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Webelos Day Camp Day 2

Here is the rundown for today's Webelos day camp:

We got off to a much earlier start today and made it to camp before 8:30AM. The classes do not start until 9:30 so we sat through skits and songs from the camp staff. Most of these were pretty horrible. A lot of the times I had to ask Jordan if the things were funny? He laughed and I just sat there.

The first class was Readyman where the boys learned about first aid. It was pretty good. Learning CPR, the Heimlich, and when to call Poison Control was all good info that kids need to hear. This class was two hours so it got a little long, but the boys were able to play a game for about a half-hour.

We then went to Geology where we learned about rocks and how mountains are formed. We also learned about the hardness scale which was actually interesting...considering it was developed in the 1800's.

At this point we took a long lunch because 1) Geology got out early, and 2) We had an hour set aside for lunch. We ate and talked and then went to the Trading Post where the boys wasted their money. The Trading Post is full of junk - but at least it is not overpriced. Most items were pretty cheap.

The last class was, once again, swimming. Jordan did not swim today, he did not want to. He read his book and played with his bow and arrow set (he got it from the Trading Post). He seemed to have a good time and the rest of the boys had fun swimming.

It was a pretty good day.

Overall, Jordan and the group fulfilled many requirements and had a good time, which is basically what I like to happen during Webelos.