Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello? part 4

The quotes got a little better today. Hold tight, cause the end of the week is nearing.

  • Take them, love them, have fun with them.
  • I will bring you an abacus for after lunch.
  • I don't care about how you feel.
  • I'm glad to see you are not sucking on that.
  • Nice one, mustache.
  • Did you put on cologne?
  • I'm glad I didn't wear my dress to the game, we would have clashed.
  • No, he said golden goose.
  • Ivan, you got something stuck to your butt.
  • There's an identity monkey choking me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello? part 3

Long day yesterday. Not a lot of funny stuff happened, but I still got some quotes.
  • I can hear you crying on the inside and it makes me giggle.
  • It's more magical than Flipper.
  • There's a lot of idiocy going on around here.
  • Am I going in to learn something or be murdered?
  • You once shopped there, but threw the bottle away after one sip.
  • Furcal! You're killing me.

Wish I had more, but just not in the right state of mind. Maybe once this day is over we can get to the normal amount of quotes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello? part 2

More quotes from the event this week:

  • I'm good with a pole, Matt
  • Please, no pictures of our scantily-dressed women as superheroes
  • But...I'm not in marketing
  • God may not require it, but Matt does
  • I'm not going to let 23 other people judging me slow me down
  • If you are suicidal some free bread can really cheer you up
  • Matt is going to cry
  • There's Superman sleeping in the foyer

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello? part 1

In San Diego for the North American version of our conference. More quotes will be coming (with which you can see early versions on Twitter @mattroblyer). Here are the first couple days worth of quotes:
  • I am ready to be punched
  • It's not like its Fort Knox
  • I am actually tri-lingual because I speak Pig Latin
  • People often stop me on the street and ask, "Are you a world traveller?"
  • No undead for you
  • I am a leprechaun
  • No, I forgot my flute
  • That's a good song
  • I care not for the Vampire Diaries
  • At least do them the courtesy of not killing them a violent death in the back of a limosuine
  • There's Captain America and his lesser known friend

Friday, July 16, 2010

Trash Bins

I know we have a lot of trash but the city did not need to bring our own dumpster.
We have the dumpster in front of our house for neighborhood cleanup, which is ok, but what is weird is that the first day it was there a bunch of people I did not know all pulled their trucks up and emptied truckloads of yard debris from their jobs in the day. Anything to save a buck I guess. One guy even dropped off a bathroom he remodeled.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super Mario, Super Video

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. All of Original Super Mario Brothers, displayed on a long wall/ground in a motion capture. It is pretty cool. I found this on Gizmodo by the way.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blowing Stuff Up

Fourth of July this weekend. Pyromaniacs dream. I can see that in the early years of America blowing things up on the holiday was important. We had to show our dominance of the world. Now, it is just a reason to blow things up, things that were made in China even. I don't really get it. We blew some stuff up with friends this weekend. The girls ohhhh'd and ahhhh'd like us men were professionals and we had no sparks over 12 feet in height.
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