Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello? part 1

In San Diego for the North American version of our conference. More quotes will be coming (with which you can see early versions on Twitter @mattroblyer). Here are the first couple days worth of quotes:
  • I am ready to be punched
  • It's not like its Fort Knox
  • I am actually tri-lingual because I speak Pig Latin
  • People often stop me on the street and ask, "Are you a world traveller?"
  • No undead for you
  • I am a leprechaun
  • No, I forgot my flute
  • That's a good song
  • I care not for the Vampire Diaries
  • At least do them the courtesy of not killing them a violent death in the back of a limosuine
  • There's Captain America and his lesser known friend

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