Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello? part 6 (try #2)

This will be the last quotes (until the next Catalyst). These quotes cover the last day of the conference as well as the flight home. Without further ado:

  • Carissa's here
  • I blame you Matt
  • He's a happy little elf today
  • Would Karl? I would give him a receipt.
  • I'm gonna get so rowdy the rest of you will look mellow
  • You're going to get a hernia in your teeth
  • You let people beat you down, we are going to have to show you the door.
  • So I don't lick my stitches
  • I like my pigeon on the bone
  • That is why she is a manager and you are a coordinator
  • Anne, hold go
  • Instead of any real security I will ask you questions
  • If I get cold on the plane I just snuggle with myself
  • He's a swiss army knife of style
  • I'm so sick of you
  • Ain't no one playing me like a puppet
  • It was like finding out Darth Vader was Luke's father
  • Sid is more quotable today because he drank last night
  • Let's get our check from the Russian

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello? part 5 (try #2)

Catalyst is almost over. Sorry for the short quote list today. It was a long day, but I tried to focus on work and not quotes. I am sorry. I will try to do better tomorrow.
  • Do you want me to start a list?
  • He's an angry elf
  • That's what makes it a great shortcut
  • Am I hot?
  • You need some FloMax
  • Listen!
  • The pimp is responsible for compliance
  • I wonder if that guy just killed those tourists

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello? part 4 (try #2)

First "official" day of Catalyst today. A full day of sessions. A good amount of quotes. Too bad the days get so long that I can't remember the context by the time I post these at night. I am sure most of these were really funny when they were said originally.

  • John Lennon is a dick
  • It is probably because they let him wear a hat.
  • Someone farted really loud in there
  • Yeah, I have a problem
  • Penetration is a funny word
  • Taylor saw my head pop up from under the desk
  • I'm just saving her for later
  • If it says 23:58 I just sit and stare at it until it turns
  • Anything I gave you was unused
  • I wrote that down in my little black book to show God
  • Matt was impressed
  • Some people post all the time with nonsensical crap
  • I train in Brazilian Jujitsu
  • I thought that started with K
  • Sounds like PUNT!
  • Matts not going to get nose cancer
  • "Yeah, we're hungry." "Uh...huh."
  • Collin got Czeched

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello? part 3 (try #2)

Quotes from today. Sorry they are so light, but I actually had to work today! Crazy. Hopefully things start to pick up as the week go on. I would hate to disappoint an adoring fan base.

Good news is that the quotes today are great. One of the best days ever or quotes.

  • Can I get back through this door?
  • If you do it like I said everything will be fine
  • I am cool like that
  • You can ask for anything, what I approve for you is a different story altogether
  • I can read numbers...with practice
  • I am not spanking my monkey at all today
  • Thanks, cuz my Czech really sucks
  • The closer I hold my laptop to the ceiling the better reception I get
  • I can only take requests, I can't read your mind
  • There is a bunch of masses in here
    If you had a white coat I would trust you more Matt
  • You gotta give me more notice if you want me to check out a guys crotch

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello? Part 2 (try #2)

Today was a good day. A little work in the morning and then touring - a great lunch at Imperial Cafe and a great dinner at a place that overlooks the Charles Bridge. Here are some great quotes from today in Prague.

By the way - you can follow great Catalyst quotes on Twitter by searching #catquotes. I will be submitting here and so will some friends of mine here at the event - but What the Heck Over will always be THE place to go for your Catalyst quotes that can be taken out of context.
  • She's secretly a dominatrix
  • Feel free, we'll just be listening
  • We're going to do this. We are going to walk that street.
  • I gotta hit 2 like 3 times
  • Those smelled better than they taste
  • I thought baby Jesus would be taller
  • Yeah, I haven't heard that yet
  • I want to see your hernia later
  • Maybe I will bunk with you

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello, part 1 (Try #2)

Since I am in Prague preparing for another Catalyst Conference I thought I better do some quotes (plus I have had requests - especially from Chloe). Remember that I will taking the best quotes from my Twitter feed (@mattroblyer - follow me!) to be on the blog. Here are what I have so far:

  • You're all hopped up on apple juice
  • They don't use snowballs
  • I gotta pee
  • Only if you smell burning feathers
  • You have Jamie's permission to kill someone. That is power.
  • do-dah-dooo....ohhhh!
  • My college degree says nothing about easels
  • I really need to stop saying "the Gartner people," I am the Gartner people
  • You'd never make it as a truck driver
  • It is 2 more than 5.1
  • I have not said a word to you in 25 minutes
  • I agree with you. It is sad that we are wasting 1 piece of paper.
  • I've got live tuna in my suitcase
  • I like bananas in Prague
  • Feel free to organize them while you are over there
  • This is like a weird dream I am in right now
  • I want candles for Fathers Day
  • She's him Mum
  • Are you sharing rooms when he gets here?
  • Why can't the world standardize on just one paper size?
  • I know a lot of websites that you shouldn't go to on your work laptop.
  • We had two each and I didn't sleep for a day and a half
  • You're solving world peace today? It's only 9 o'clock.

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I started a Twitter account just for my work. You can follow me here @mattroblyer and get a preview of quotes at this year's Catalyst.

I am in Prague (again) and setting up for another Catalyst. So far no volcano, my luggage has not gotten lost, and I have not been more than 100 yards out of the hotel. Sounds like the event is actually going to happen this time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The picture above is what I was presented with on my drive home tonight. It added about 15 minutes to my commute. I know that does not sound like much, but sometimes that 15 minutes can change the way you think about your day.

Also, to all you losers that speed past people trying to get over only to douible the wait time when you are forced to get over: please try to stay in the flow of traffic. It helps everyone out. You are not the most important person in the world.
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