Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello? part 3 (try #2)

Quotes from today. Sorry they are so light, but I actually had to work today! Crazy. Hopefully things start to pick up as the week go on. I would hate to disappoint an adoring fan base.

Good news is that the quotes today are great. One of the best days ever or quotes.

  • Can I get back through this door?
  • If you do it like I said everything will be fine
  • I am cool like that
  • You can ask for anything, what I approve for you is a different story altogether
  • I can read numbers...with practice
  • I am not spanking my monkey at all today
  • Thanks, cuz my Czech really sucks
  • The closer I hold my laptop to the ceiling the better reception I get
  • I can only take requests, I can't read your mind
  • There is a bunch of masses in here
    If you had a white coat I would trust you more Matt
  • You gotta give me more notice if you want me to check out a guys crotch

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