Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vegas Update: Part 4

Huge fish in tank. It was just floating right at eye level.
I can not tell you what kind of fish this was, Diana listened to all the audio information, if you really want to know, ask her.
Leopard shark. Sorry it is blurry, it was moving fast.
Zebra shark.
Chloe and Jordan getting ready to pet Sting Rays.

Vegas Update: Part 3

You can see all the pictures on my Facebook photo album Las Vegas. Here are some more pictures: Chloe and Jordan in front on M&M crates.
View of New York New York casino from M&M World.
M&M racing car.
Luxor casion from Excalibur parking lot.

Vegas Update: Part 2

Chloe and Jordan outside New York New York casino.
M&M World sign.
M&M's and M&M World. There sure is a lot of colors.
Purple M&M's - Diana's favorite. It is hard for me to convince my wife that all the flavors taste the same. It is a coating, not a flavoring people!

Vegas Update: Part 1

We had a lot of fun in Vegas this weekend. We saw the Secret Garden at the Mirage, Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Excalibur, New York New York, New York Roller Coaster, M&M World, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and the Shark Reef. It was a good and quick weekend. Have to give a shout out to Diana's brother Mikey that showed us around and let us stay at is house. Thanks Mikey!

The GPS worked great and got us to Mikey's house perfectly. While in St. George the GPS was pretty fun too. We ended up on a dirt road in someones backyard. The GPS showed us driving on a golf course at one point also. It was a good time. Garmin needs to update their St. George maps.

I will be posting some pictures so you can see all the fun we had. Here are a couple:
Floor piano the kids loved to play on.

Chloe doing a slide on the piano. Sounds good!
Apple store in Forum shops.
View of the Strip from New York New York casino.

TV Shows I Am Watching So Far This Season

The new TV season has started. Here is what I am watching:

Amazing Race on Sundays
How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Heroes, and Terminator on Mondays
Fringe and The Mentalist on Tuesdays
Criminal Minds on Wednesdays
Greys Anatomy, CSI, Eleventh Hour on Thursdays
Nothing on Fridays
Nothing on Saturdays

I do see more TV than this (Diana watches some shows that I do not, so I occasionally see those as well).

Let me know what you are watching.

Fantasy Football Week 4

I had a bye this week in football, so I didn't lose. This has been a pretty good season. If I would have played I would have beaten all but two teams. Problem is, one of the teams that would of beat me is my week 5 opponent. I am not picked to win this week either. The system has been wrong before - my first two wins, hopefully it is again. I don't have any big names on a bye, but either does my foe. I am hoping for a big week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photos from Golf

I took some pictures while golfing.

Ryan re-enacting his best shot of the day:
Ryry rode his own cart, my Dad and I rode together.
Ryry getting a ball he hit from under a tree. Ryan needed to "borrow" some balls from my Dad to finish his round.
Ryry hitting the ball he picked up from under the tree.
My Dad hitting a ball. This guy goes all over the course, from one side to the other. From one end of the green to the other. He gets a walk in when he goes to golf.
This is the view down the 9th fairway. I got a 5 (par 4) on this hole. I 3-putted and when I re-putted I got it in 2. I should have taken the par and reduced my score even more.

This is the view of the 6th hole. You tee off over this lake. I got a par on this hole. Good tee shot, but my chip shot (2nd shot) was great and I got in pretty close (within 5 feet) for an easy par putt.

Golfing at Southgate

My Dad, Ryan, and I went golfing this morning. First we went to McDonalds and got our order all messed up. My Dad and I always get Sausage McMuffin with Eggs. We made our regular order. We got Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits. BISCUITS! I hate biscuits. Ryry got his Sausage McGriddle though. I never trusted those McGriddles. They are not very good. Ryry says he likes them now because he got a coupon to get a free McGriddle everyday for a week. McDonalds must put some addictive element in their McGriddles - just like KFC does with their chicken.

On to the actual golfing. To put it simple, I am awesome and the other two suck. I shot a 42 (8 over). Ryan and my Dad got a 59. Not that I am a great golfer, it was just that today I could hit out pretty successfully from any rough spot that I got into. I hit some good putts and basically kept myself from 3-putting too many holes. It was a good time. The weather was great - not too hot. Wish I had time to play some more, but have to get on with our weekend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In St. George

I am in St. George for the night and tomorrow, then off to Las Vegas for some PG rated fun. Tomorrow we plan to hit the Bear Paw cafe for breakfast, then some golf, eat lunch at In N Out burger, laser tag, dinner and lastly back to the condo for another night of games. It is a full day of fun times.

In Vegas we are going to hang out with Diana's brother Mikey for the day. He has planned things like the shark exhibit and the roller coaster on New York New York. It should be a great weekend. I will post pictures and updates as the weekend progresses.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anyone Want Some Ice Cream?

PETA is insane! See the link: http://www.wnbc.com/news/17539627/detail.html.

Who wants breast milk ice cream? My friend Brett started a Facebook group titled PETIC (People for the Ethical Treatment of Ice Cream), if you are a Facebook user join the group. We must spread our message of, "Ice cream doesn't need your breast milk to be yummy!"

Fantasy Football Week 3

I won again!

**Diana - Do Not Read**
Actually, I crushed again. I won by 60 points and the game was decided early Sunday evening. No sweating out a Monday night game. Next week I have a bye, so I do not have to worry. This is good news as I will be out of town this weekend. I won't let Diana know that I have a bye, so I can keep checking the scores and highlights. I guess she reads my blog though. I better go back to the top and write to have Diana not read this paragraph of my post.
**Diana - You Can Read Under This**

At this rate I will go undefeated. I can't wait for this weekends matchup!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Had parent-teacher conference tonight. I got to the school around 5:10PM. I left after 7:30! I didn't even see all the teachers. The good news is that the kids are doing well. Chloe has all A's right now. Jordan has A's and B's and one C. The C could go up pretty easily. School has been good so far. Jordan walked in at 9:10 tonight saying he needed help with math. His bedtime is 8:30. I guess he remembered after he layed down for bed. We worked on the math for about 45 minutes and then I had him go to bed. It is what it is at this point.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got It!!

I got my iPod Touch. It is awesome. I really like the new one I have. Diana got a purple new Nano as well. Diana has been having fun adding songs to her new iPod.

On another fun note, if you have ever wanted an iPod and do not want to pay the steep startup cost, I am selling my old iPods (to help fund the new ones). I have an 8GB iPod Touch: works great, never had a day of trouble with it, it is 1 year old. The Touch has the version 1 software upgrade, but not the new version 2. You can add it when you buy it. Also a silver iPod Nano (1st generation), this is the original gumstick design. This iPod works flawlessly. Lastly, Diana has a green 1st generation Nano that we also want to move. This one has a problem with the screen, as in it does not work, it is just a white screen. Everything else works, you can add songs, sync and the like, you just cannot see the screen.

I would like to move the Touch for $150, the silver Nano for $50, and the green Nano for whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Let me know if you want one of these.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Force Is Strong With Me

I have won The Force Unleashed. Not to give too much away, but at the end I choose to be a Jedi and destroy the emperor. There is another ending and am I going to replay the game to see it. For now I can just sit here and say that I am the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy.

Jordan has started to play, he is getting better. Soon, him and I will duel to see who is better.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's birthday. She stayed home from work because she pulled a muscle in her leg. Not fun to be home in bed on your birthday. Feel better. Hope you have a good birthday.

Twenty Years

The Augustana song "Twenty Years" has been running through my mind the past few days. I do not know why. The lyrics are below. Go ahead and comment on your reasons why I have been thinking about the song (let Freshman Psych rear its ugly head):

Well I've been running from something
Twenty years in my car
Down a road that's leading me nowehere
Yeah we drive through the farmland
No one knows where we're from
Could I kiss you and make you a queen?
Or something in between

Do you want to see
The place where I am free?
Cause in my mind I need it
But you're nowhere near to me

Move to new york city
Take your woman by the hand
Leave her there with your things on the doorstep
And there's no way around it
Could this be our last dance?
So fall asleep with the tv darling
I'll be back again

Do you want to see
The place where I was free?
Cause in my mind I've been there
And there's no one here but me
In the morning it'll find you
Let the light shine away
Down a road that's leading me nowhere
And there's no way around it

Could this be our last dance?
Just fall asleep with the tv darling
I'll be back again
I'll be back again

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Force Unleashed Update

I have played The Force Unleashed for a little over 3 hours in the past two days. I am doing pretty good. Looking through the cheat guide that I have, I am a little under half-way finished the game. I hope to spend a couple hours a night the next few nights and get it done. Once I start a game like this I just have to finish it and then it will be out of my mind.

May the force be with you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have the Power of The Force (Unleashed)

Here is me waiting in line to get my copy of The Force Unleashed at the local GameStop at midnight this morning. It was fun. I left home about 5 minutes before midnight, got to the store, bought my game and guide (got a FREE StormTrooper figurine) and was home by 12:15. I played for about an hour and went to bed, hey, I do have a life, you know.

The one drawback, I think I was the only one in the store that took a shower yesterday.

The game is good. If you like Star Wars and have a Wii, you should get this game and start playing.

Thanks, Loser

To: Whomever destroyed my mailbox Sunday night/Monday morning

Dear Loser,

Thanks for making me wake up and find out that my mailbox had been smashed. You are a real hero. It always makes for a great day when you wake up and find out that you need to run to Walmart to buy a new mailbox, and then get it all installed. It is real fun. Gets the day off to a great start. Loser, please come by again, but this time be man enough to knock on my door let me know if (a) it was an accident, or (b) you are just a huge jerk. You can at least feel good enough about your handiwork to let me know that you did it.

Once again, thanks a lot. Your friend,

Matt Roblyer

P.S. Below is a picture of your handiwork.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fantasy Football Week 2

Even though Monday night football is still going on, I got the win wrapped up this week. I am currently up 254 to 165. I don't think that Army of Darkness will be able to come back. It was a much easier week than I thought it would be.
I am now 2-0 and hopefully can keep this going for a while. Each year, I try to stay undefeated until I go to Europe in October, then I can slack off a little while in Europe. You do not know how hard it is to follow American football when in Europe, the time change, no ESPN, and the fact that no one in Europe cares are all obstacles to overcome - I rarely do.

I Suck

For all of you that think I do not make mistakes, I made a whopper last week. We just found out about it yesterday. Diana has a good rundown of what happened here. Since then I have emailed Blockbuster and finally got a response. Here is what Manuel in customer service told me:
Do not worry any more, because I made a report on you behalf.

Well, as long as there is a report on my behalf, I am not worried. Manuel also said that they would send back my disc as soon as they found it.
The good news is that the family has finished watching the disc that I sent away.
I suck.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Heroes and The Little Mermaid

Last week I bought Heroes Season 2 and The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Beginning. We watched The Little Mermaid as a family (I got out of seeing most of it - I was "busy"). I thought it was pretty cheesy and not very good. Diana, of corse, loved it. Diana wants to be Ariel. She already has the red hair to match. The kids liked it, but I don't think they loved it.

Heroes Season 2 is a different matter. I like Hereos. We are watching this with the kids so we are not moving along at a very fast pace. After watching one or two, I told the kids that we were not watching any more until they have everything done. Rooms need to be clean, homework needs to be done, chores done, showers, teeth brushed, and EVERYTHING! Heroes is not a right, it is a privilege, and the kids have to earn it.

I am excited for the new season of Heroes soon.

Full Metal Jacket

Recently, Diana and I watched Full Metal Jacket. It was good. This was another one of those classic movies that I had never seen, but Diana had. Diana watched a lot of adult (not that kind of "adult" movie) movies when she was just a young kid. I cannot believe that she saw this movie and others like it when she was little.

I liked Full Metal Jacket, but you have probably seen it and you either like it or don't like it, anything I say here probably won't change that. If you haven't seen it, you should, it is worth the time spent.

I give Full Metal Jacket 4 out of 5 stars.

Diana Says I Have To Keep Posting

I am ready to be done posting, but my loving wife says I need to get all the way to 24 (I am only at 21 - 22 with this one). I like blogging, but I am almost out of stuff to talk about. I created a Word file that has things to talk about. I still have 4 left, so I do have enough content. I am just tired.

I am a trooper, though, and I will finish this up, just for you, my loyal readers.


I have been using Facebook for a while now. I like it. It is fun. I have reconnected with a bunch of high school friends. I like that it takes care of birthdays and that I can set my status of what I am doing now. The status is probably one of my favorite things. I can see what friends are doing as well as let people know what I am doing.

I recently took The Subconscious Quiz and I came up with the Traveller. Here is the description for it:
You have an excellent balance of living for today whilst working for tomorrow. A
logical, rational mind that deals with problems when they can be no longer
ignored but before they become too much hassel or out of control. You are lost
without a goal and strive to better yourself constantly whether it be
physically, mentally, financially or creatively. You are most likely quite a
loner deep down, though this may be translated as a need for constant security
from friends or activities. You relish the challange of moving on and searching
the world as it is akin to searching yourself. When will you realise you' re
already home?

Diana says it sounds just like me. I don't know. If you want me to send you the quiz and we are friends on Facebook, send me a note and I will get it right over to you.

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I do not know if you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC, but you should. It is a cool show - almost addicting as you watch it. We have so much fun watching it and seeing how the kids interact and grow. It is also really funny to see how the parent react to things compared to how they react during the interview time.

Just so you know, this is a family that has two 6 year olds and 6 3 year olds, for a total of 8 kids. The family has been on Oprah, Ellen, and more TV shows, and then TLC came to them to have a show of their own. Now, the film crew follows them everywhere.

TLC will not allow embedding of the videos, but you should watch some of these videos.

Misbehaving Kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebqxFJxUvpw

They go to an amusement park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVdo9DaI_VQ

Kids with a sugar rush: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqzoLbtQj9c

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Links for 11PM

iTunes 8 can break your Windows Vista! Do not upgrade if you have Vista. People are reporting either a blue screen of death or your CD/DVD drives will disappear.

Microsoft recently cut the price of the Xbox (the cheapest version) and now it is flying off the shelves. I have no interest in an Xbox, but I could be talked into a Playstation 3 (for the BluRay drive).

If you like your SVG graphics be careful. Internet Explorer cannot view them without a plug-in and Adobe is ceasing to support this plug-in starting on Jan. 1, 2009. Thanks, Microsoft. The creator of the internet thinks Microsoft needs to get this fixed right away.

Is OPEC about to fall apart? OPEC supplies about 30% of the worlds oil, and they do not like the recent fall in price (which is still $30 above last year). Saudi Arabia (the worlds largest oil supplier), wants to ensure that everyone that wants oil can get it at a decent price. I think this is pretty good. Split up these oil cartels and see what happens to the price.

Unboxing new iPod Nanos, Touches, and an iPhone. This is pretty cool. These are some really cool gadgets, everytime I see them I want one even more. I do not know how much longer I can last without buying one.

Want to know what to do with your old ZIP drive? Gizmodo has a great idea. I loved my old ZIP drive, but now 100MB is harly anything. Plus, today the cartridges look huge compared to my 1GB flash drive.

The new Microsoft Bill Gate/Seinfefld commercial. These things are super weird and I do not understand what they are supposed to mean.

6 Weird Things You Don't Know About Me

Here you go. Full disclosure. Here are 5 weird things you probably do not know about me.

1. When I first met my wife and her friends I had them convinced my middle name was "S."

2. My uncle Mike rigged a drawing so I could get Optimus Prime for Christmas (this happened when I was a kid).

3. I created the term "ridonkulous," which is something even more than ridiculous. Ask anyone, this is true.

4. My first two cars were both 1989 Nissan Sentras.

5. I had my daughter sleep in an Easter basket for her first few months of life.

6. I really hate chewing gum.

Movie Trailer Review

Here are some trailers for some upcoming movies:

This movie could be good, but I am not going to see it in the theatre.

This movie looks horrible, the kids thought it looked great.

High School Musical 3, the kids cannot wait. I just wish these shows were actually good.

Diana loves this book, I am sure we will go see this.

I am not a fan of Nic Cage, but he has some good movies. This may be one of them.


The family is going to St. George in a couple weeks. We also plan to go visit Diana's brother in Las Vegas while we are down there. I told Diana that if we were going to Vegas I needed a GPS to find her brother's house. I wanted trusted directions.

I have been looking at reviews and prices for all kinds of units. I decided to go with a Garmin unit. From what I read they are the best.

Now, I just needed to find a great deal and I found it at Amazon.com where there was a Garmin 650 for only $220. There are cheaper units, but I wanted a 4.3" screen. This seems like a great deal. The suggested price for this is over $700, but you can find them for around $300 now. This is a new-upopened unit - not refurbished. As you look around for these you will find some cheap ones - that are refurbished. Because this is my first GPS and I wanted a nicer one, I just did not feel good going with a refurbished unit.

This will get to me before our St. George trip. Hoo-ray!

The Cute Kitty

Here is a picture of the kitty sleeping on Diana's legs last night. It is super cute. The cat always like to sleep at Diana's feet. Then Diana has to wake me up to get the cat off her as she is trapped by the weight of Princess Fuzzyboots.

Here is the picture:

Fantasy Football - Week 1

I crushed my opponent in week one 261 to 165. It did help that my oppenent had Tom Brady, but I still would have won easily if Tom would have played. This week I play the highest scoring team from week 1, Army of Darkness. AOD has both LT and Adrian Peterson. It will probably be a hard-fought battle, but I expect to come out victouriously. He only outscored me by 3 points and most of his guys went off last week. A lot of my guys just had average weeks. If I can win this week I will be the frontrunner for the rest of the season, well, at least until one of my guys goes down with a season-ending injury.

Also, I had Lee Evans and benched him - and he went for 29 points in my league. I played Chris Chambers instead. Chamber only caught one ball. At least it was for a 44-yeard touchdown so he got 11 points in my league. I just wish I had Evans in and I would have been the highest scoring team last week.

Anyways, there is always another week, well, at least until there aren't anymore weeks that is.

The Color Purple and The Natural

Recently, Diana and I got a couple older (classic?) movies from Blockbuster online to watch. There are not a lot of good new movies that are out right now.

We rented The Color Purple and The Natural. I had seen The Natural as a kid, and it is still really good. It has a good story, though it is a little transparent. Also, what kind of injury could kill a baseball player. There are some hugely fat guys, completely out of shape that play baseball. I see these dudes dying before a fit Robert Redford. I guess I should say SPOILERS, but everyone has seen this movie, right? I like The Natural and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Color Purple was a great movie. I had never seen it before. I recommend everyone to see it. Whoopi is excellent. Oprah is OK. The whole thing just comes together so well. If there is a book I should probably read it. I guess I will have to look into that. I give The Color Purple 5 out of 5 stars and would like to encourage anyone who has not seen it to pick it up and watch it today!

Chloe and Reading

A little break in the day for you. Here is a lunchtime post:

We got a report from the school on Chloe's reading progress. Chloe is in 6th grade. She is reading on a 10th grade level. She comprehends what she is reading in the 93rd percentile in the nation. I would have to say that is pretty good. She is the third highest reader in her class. We are so pround of her. One thing that both the kids do is read - a lot. Sometimes they can get transfixed by the TV, but a lot of the time the kids would rather grab a good book and read for hours.

Way to go Chloe!

Taking A Break

I have to go to work now, so there won't be any posts for a while. Once I get back home I will catch you all up with what else is going on. I still got plenty to review with all of you.

Talk to you later!

The Force Unleashed

I am still very excited for the new Star Wars game "The Force Unleashed." The other day Jordan and I saw (Jordan played) a demo of the game. Let me just say that this game is one of the best video games I have ever seen. This game is just so awesome. Once I get it you can all come over and play. Here is the website for the game: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed/. There is a demo on this page you can play.

The Force Unleashed comes out September 15 and Jordan is always reminding me to go get it, or asking me how long I am going to play it that night, or if I am going to stay home from work to play it the next day (the answer is, probably not). Here is a site with all kinds of Force Unleashed info.

I know that the sites say it comes out on the 16th, but there is a midnight release, so I say the 15th.

What Happens In Vegas

I am sure you have heard of this movie. Cameron what's her name and Ashton Kutcher. This movie is pretty stupid, but has some funny parts. When Ashton is trying to tell the therapist that Cameron beat him for not straightening the towels is hilarious. You should rent this movie just for that part, but it is on the previews too, so you might have already seen it. There won't be any story reveal on this, as the preview does tell you the whole story. I am sure you all know they end up together.

I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars. I originally typed three stars and changed it.

Another Top 10 Songs Now

My music choices have changed once again. Here are my current top 10 songs. Next time you see me ask to listen to some of these on my iPod (I usually have it on me).

1. Twenty Years, Augustana
2. Sweet and Low (acoustic), Augustana
3. Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday, Augustana
4. Late, Ben Folds
5. Evaporated, Ben Folds Five
6. A Murder of One (acoustic), Counting Crows
7. Hazy, Counting Crows
8. 40 Years, Counting Crows
9. So Long, So Long, Dashboard Confessional
10. Come On, Come Out, A Fine Frenzy
11. Near To You, A Fine Frenzy
12. Come Back, Pearl Jam
13. Lucky, Seven Mary Three
14. Gone Away, Seven Mary Three
15. Crowing, Toad the Wet Sprocket
16. Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve

Ok, that is more than 10, and they are not really in order, they are listed alphabetically by artist. I just could not list them in order. I like them all too much.

Purple Violets

A week passes and I watch plenty of movies. Diana and I must watch 3 or 4 movies a week. Prepare for even more movie reviews as the day progresses. Purple Violets is an Edward Burns movie with Selma Blair and some other people. This was an OK movie. If you do not like bad language do not rent this movie.

Writer just wrote a book that is completely against his type. He writes police mystery/action novels. This novel is his story. People hate it. He re-connects with an old girlfriend (that is now married - but getting divorced - because the dude is a jerk). The old girlfriend is Selma Blair and she is a writer that is selling real estate - because her book flopped. They start getting back together - but she needs time. She needs to write her next book. He goes off and writes another cop book and everyone loves it. Has it been enough time for her? It has. They get together. Everyone is happy.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Rent it, it is not bad.

My Sassy Girl

Movie review. Diana really liked this movie. She says we should buy it. I think this movie was good, but no where near great.

Elisha Cuthbert is a drunkard, rich girl. The boy (don't remember his name) is a goody-goody. He falls in love with her at first site, and then kidnaps her (she blacked-out in the subway). They begin to fall in love by doing crazy and stupid things. He already is totally head over heels, so he will do anything. She is non-commital. His friends try to get her to leave her. He can't. In the end they separate for a year for her to get better, and then get put together by his aunt and her ex-fiance's mother.

I left a lot out of the spoilers because I really want you to see it yourself and make your own ideas about the movie. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sorry I Missed A Week

I am sorry that I was not blogging for the past week. I heard from a lot of you. You do not have to worry. I am fine. The family is fine. There has just been a lot of things going on with the family and especially with Diana and my friends - the group of couples that we have been spending a lot of time with.

You know how sometimes the way other people's decisions affect you surprises even yourself? Well, that is what happened. One of my good friends has made some very stupid decisions. For a week it really took the joy out of a lot of the things I like to do. One of these things was blogging. I felt that if I sat at the keyboard and started to blog I would just go on and on about what an idiot my friend was, and you do not want to hear about that.

Well, I am finally past all that and I will get back to letting you know what is going on with me and the family and out life. And it is a busy life.

Links for 1AM

New BlackBerry phone from Nextel. Not really new. This is a curve with Push To Talk. The thing is - Nextel is dying a slow death, why would anyone want to get a phone like this?

The new iPod Touch has Bluetooth! I heard a rumor about this, and that Apple was going to put Skype on the Touch and you would be able to use an earpiece for FREE phone calls (when you have a wireless network). I heard the AT&T put the squash on this, they want people to buy the iPhone, not a Touch. AT&T wants people to have pay for phone calls, not get really cheap calls from Skype. The cool part is - the technology is there, it just needs to be used.

iTunes has a bunch of albums on sale for $8. Pretty cool. There has to be at least one that you would like. The link will open iTunes if you got it installed. Counting Crows Saturday Nights is one of the albums - great opportunity to get your hands on it.

Foldable BlackBerry. If you like the flip phones - buy this one. It looks pretty cool. Me, I have never been a fan of the flip phone. Not that cool, but I still like BlackBerry's.

Real Networks just released a DVD copying application. I want to rip a whole bunch of movies and TV shows to my iPod before I go to Europe this year. I am going to look more into this application and then probably get it for my use.

Meet the dude that actually invented the iPod. Apple is even going to do the right thing - hopefully.

More info on Comcast's capping of online broadband usage. The next couple years of the internet is going to be very interesting.

Jordan and Math

I was helping Jordan with his math homework tonight. The boy really does not like math. He is very against it and it can be very maddening as his parent. Diana and I try to be good and helpful and teach him what he needs to know. Let me tell you what happened tonight. We got to a division problem. 20 divided by 3. The answer is 6.666666666666 - infinity. So I say the answer is 6.666666666666666666 and I say like 15 sixes. Jordan starts writing and is like, "So how many 6's is it?" I say, "It is actually 6's to infinity." Jordan does not miss a beat, looks and me and says, "I am not going to start writing those tonight."

Hilarious. Maddening.

At least I get a blog post out of it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iPods!

New iPods!

The Nanos are cool because they are back to the gumstick design and they come in a large collection of colors. A color for everyone. Diana wants the purple one. I want the new Touch. read more here.

The Touch, see more here, are great also. They now have a speaker which is sweet. Also, you can change the volume without swiping into the iPod. That sounds weird, but if you have a Touch or have used one - you know what I mean. It is way annoying.

Someone in my house will be getting one of these. Soon.

All The Stars and Boulevards

A couple weeks ago I got a copy of "All The Stars and Boulevards" by Augustana. This is Augustana's first album. It is really, really, really good. I do not rate it as high as "Can't Love, Can't Hurt," but it is still great. I recommend "All The Stars and Boulevards" for anyone. Some of my favorites on this album are (no particular order):
  • Boston
  • Stars and Boulevards
  • Mayfield
  • Hotel Roosevelt
  • Wasteland
  • Lonely People
Pick up the album, it is worth it!

I really am blogging

Just so you do not lose hope, I will begin blogging again, and to make up for all the lost time I will be working on a special 24 posts on 24 hours marathon starting tomorrow evening. It will be a good time.

Lastly, I want thank everyone for all the help with the sprinklers. They are not fixed yet, but I know the problem and I know what I have to do.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excited For The Next 13

After 13 years of exciting up and downs (not always very exciting with the downs). I can't wait to face the next 13 years with my best friend. Love you sweetie. Happy Anniversary.