Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello? part 4

I am washing the John Mayer out of my ears.

I feel like this is Cheers and I have to yell every one's name when they walk in.

I am starting a blacklist.

Did he talk about me from the stage with a twinkle in his eyes?

The sales team is on too much liquor and not enough sleep.

What are the lyrics to Cruel Summer?

I like Sam-bam.

Tom knows his Dire Straits trivia.

A lot of people have to die for me to gain power.

I don't know what it was, but I liked it.

Stupid Air Force.

The picture on the website makes me look like a window-licker.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Past Couple Days, part 2

Sunday morning I got up and did the Vela breakfast again. It is good. I get an omelet and everything. This morning for breakfast I run into Richard Watson and have breakfast with him. Eventually Kristin and Ivan join us.

We get to work on our continued setup. By now I am sorting the meetings schedule for Sales and printing out analyst meeting sheets. This takes a couple hours. We also start setting signs and registration opens this afternoon. I have a late lunch by heading over to the Tin Fish with Karl and the Knof. It is pretty good, but is still a $12 hamburger, and it was not great. I can't wait to get back to five guys in Salt Lake. This is some good burger.

We get done around 6pm or so and I go up to my room. I start watching Sunday night baseball on ESPN and quickly fall asleep (I don't have any fantasy players in the game). I wake up in the middle of the night and decide it is too late for food and go back to bed. I sleep well.

Monday is another breakfast. I get up early and have breakfast all by lonesome. I do see a couple BGers while there and stop and chat with them for a while. It is some analysts and LD and Littlkins would laugh if they saw me talking to them.

Monday is the first day of workshops and almost everyone arrives. I keep working on presentations and meetings. I show Tearie and Stepani around the venue so they will know where everything is. Monday night is also the company dinner. We have a good time hanging out and talking with colleagues. I get to bed early because the show is really starting tomorrow.

Tuesday morning is a full-day of workshops. I don't do much for workshops. I am getting ready for general sessions on Wednesday. I am getting a bunch of file replacements and edits and I am following up on still missing files. In the afternoon I have my big AV and Room Coordinators meeting as well as the BG speaker orientation. Both of these go pretty well. We have a couple concerns, but are ready to go for Wednesday.

The Opening Reception is Tuesday night. The food is good and I chat up some attendees from Milwaukee. I go back upstairs to prepare for Wednesday morning. I have to get agendas and announcements and guides and stamp cards all ready for the next day. I get to bed at a decent hour. The morning is coming soon.

Wednesday is finally here. The general sessions. This is when things get very real around here. And you are going to have to wait to hear about it.

See you tomorrow.

My View

I sat and talked with Diana on the phone for quite a while this afternoon (a lot more than 6 minutes, I know that). The whole time we talked I was looking out the window of the boardroom at the Hilton. I took this picture after the sun went down. While we talked I watched the sunset. Here was my view:

Hello? part 3

That is a lot of sea men.

Have they all lost their minds at once back there?

I really want you to say, "Go for the Knof"

You are all sworn to secrecy.

Matt, it must be hell being you.

I'm sure everyone is dying to know.

You wouldn't think that would ya?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello? part 2

We are all about luxury.

Don't come up too fast, I have an illustrious bio to read.

I am going to buy all those adapters and burn them.

I like P.

I'm geeky enough, don't worry.

You don't want a couple hundred dollar hoe, you want a nicer hoe than that.

Let's not call Patrick about that.

If you like those numbers I can throw out more to you later.

I like these girls, I think I'll keep them.

Come by my suite and I'll give you a stamp.

Pretzels and mini-wienies!

Why do men come with sound effects?

Asking someone if they want their picture taken is like asking them if they want to make out.

Everytime I talk to him I just think, "You are out of your mind."

I think Sid got kicked off the premises.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Past Couple Days, part 1

Let me fill you in on what has been going on over the last couple of days here in San Diego.

I arrived pretty early on Friday morning. There wasn't much of a security line at the airport and I basically breezed right through. I even made it through security with my house keys in my pocket. Not an easy feat if you have seen how many keys I have on my keyring. This also does not bode well for the state of security in our airports, plus, I swore to myself that I would remember not to even bring my keys this time. I am not going to need them. I put my keys in my bag and go to the gate.

At the gate I pull out my computer and take part in the new free wi-fi at the SLC airport. I see Joshua and his fiance at the airport. I write my itinerary for my wife and update some presentations. I do not see Tom anywhere, but assume he is a big boy and will make it in time. Tom shows up right as the plane starts to board and he runs up to wait in line. It is time to get on the plane, but I wait. This way I do not have to wait in a line to get on the plane, I can just walk right on. Why are people always ready to quickly wait in line. I don't get it.

The plane ride is a breeze. I play Fuzzle the whole way and get an all-time high. Over 2700 points. I am awesome, but I do not have Internet access to see how my score rates in the entire world. One day I will get into the top 10, it is on my bucket list.

At the hotel, we start stuffing bags. Vision Events (a vendor we use) has sent over some of their people to help. This was very unexpected, but also great as we basically finish everything we need to stuff on Thursday thanks to their help in the morning. For lunch I have a cheeseburger. It is pretty good. I don't really enjoy the fries.

That night I meet up with the Knof, Karl, Kristin and Ivan for dinner at Vela, the restaurant at the hotel. I have the Penne. Vela has changed all their food names to science fiction people for comic-con. It is pretty cool. I don't remember who my pasta was named after, but I did look it up on my phone and thought it was pretty cool. Ivan got the lemon chicken. I don't remember what anyone else got.

Get up the next morning and head down to Vela for breakfast. I find the source of all bacon (see my picture in a different post) and have an omelet and sausage and bacon. A pretty good breakfast. Ivan and Karl show up as I am finishing and Ivan gets googly eyes for a Dexter star and just has to get an autograph.

Up in the BG office we are working like crazy. The booths arrive and Kirstin and I decide where the sales pen should go. We discuss other layout options for things like the sales booth and other odds and ends. Saturday seems to fly right by but we get a ton done. In the late afternoon I go up to my room to work. I have a pretty comfy chair in my room - instead of the hard-backed chair in the office (which, by the way, is the same chair we expect our attendees to sit in all week).

I finally decide that I should go get some dinner. I decide to walk down to Seaport Village and go to the Village Baker. I always go here when I am in San Diego. They make some good sandwiches. I have the club. Get a Sprite to drink and then stop at Ben and Jerry's. I get the strawberry cheesecake shake (one of my favorites). The shake does not taste as good as a Coldstone shake, but it is good. I walk back to the hotel, but this time I decide to walk front of the convention center instead of behind it. I should have taken pictures the whole way. I saw a couple of wonder women that should not be wearing that costume. I saw the entire Justice League - acting like they were the real Justice League and a whole bunch of other people that I did not even know. It was very exciting.

Once back to the hotel I ran into Kristin and Ivan who had gone to the Weeds panel. They had a good time, but Mary Louise Parker was not there, so they were sad. We chatted about the panel and about work the next day and then we parted ways so I could go eat my dinner. I go up to my room and open my Sprite and it blows up on me. I was not happy. It's not like I shook it. I ate the sandwich and drank my drink and all was good. I then went to bed.

Catch more of my adventures in San Diego tomorrow!

Hello? Part 1

Quotes from the first weekend of Catalyst:

By Sunday, they'll all be back in their parent's basement.

Ivan, Comic-con is over.

And Harvey was gone.

The difference between them and us is that we go home to our own basements.

That'll be five dollars Karl.

I gotta go start knocking on doors to see what room Megan Fox is in.

I want to protect her body.

Annnnnnnnddddddd IIIIIIII.....IIIIII WWWWiiiiiiilllllllllll (sung by Ivan)

I like that Julie Benz.

I got one of them economic, ergonomic cameras in a box,

I need help remembering more!

All of you BGers that can think of something good over the last couple days let me know.

Windows Here?

These are some really nice windows with a great view of San Diego. This window is on the 3rd floor of the Hilton. I like to stand here and gaze out the window. Then I remember that I am in the men's restroom and I should not hang out for too long. I don't know who decided to have the windows here - and why the shutters are always open - but it is a little weird.

Found This...

Oh, the things that are left around the hotel after Comic-con. As I was setting up one of the workshop rooms yesterday afternoon I saw a shiny something on the ground. Being the inquisitive guy that I am I went to see what it was. It was a completely awesome Jason Lives button. I attached the button to my Catalyst badge. Now everyone is jealous of me. Here is a picture of the badge.

I Posted These on FaceBook, But To Be Fair...

Here are some random pictures from the weekend here in San Diego. The first two are lines to get into Comic-con. You would not believe the lines that people were wainting in to see things. It was madness. These people paid a lot of money to wait in these lines. Comic-con did look fun and I almost have Diana convinced to come out early to Cataylst with me next year and we will do the Comic-con thing before Catalyst.

Below is the source of all bacon! This is a bit from the Gaff. It is funny, and it is even funny when I add it to my blog.

I Heart Stairways

Every year at Catalyst I give you a view of the stairwells. I don't want to disappoint you. I am on the 21st floor of the hotel and I have gone down the stairs. During the days of Comic-con the elevator took so long to get up to my floor I just took the stairs (down - not up - that would be crazy). The stairs here are pretty good, but I don't think they are as good as the one's at the Manchester Hyatt (right down the street- I can see it from my window). Here are the pictures that I promised you.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Am In San Diego

Burton Group Catalyst Conference is this week. I have been in San Diego since Friday getting ready for the conference. The pictures below will let give you the view of the hotel at night (look how many room lights are on!). The other picture is off the 4th floor balcony out towards the water.

This is the same hotel that the family and I stayed at in March. It is a very nice hotel with a great layout for our conference.

Catalyst is getting started today with workshops and gradually eases into general sessions later this week (Wednesday through Friday). I will be updating with all the latest news from Catalyst as the week goes on.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

End of School Year Treats

Every year on the last day of school we have a family tradition that we go to Leatherby's and a movie. Here is the action from this year's day out.
Jordan got a banana split and ate a ton. Not even stopping long enough for me to get a picture without him eating.
Chloe got a brownie covered in ice cream. She loved it.

Diana got what she always gets, a caramel sunday with an extra cup of caramel. Diana loves Leatherby's caramel. We always leave with a jar of it (that we buy) and whatever Diana can convince the waiter to put in a to go cup.
I had my strawberry banana shake (the best!).
We also saw Up, which was a good movie. Diana was crying about 5 minutes into it, but I hear all girls do that in this movie. Overall, it was an OK movie, but only OK, it wasn't as good as Finding Nemo or either of the Toy Story's - which are the Pixar cream of the crop. You should definitely go see it before you get old and die. And take a loved one.

A Bird In The Hand...

While doing some yard work with Flater (we were trimming the large pine tree in my front yard) we came across this bird and his (her?) nest. The bird would not leave. And Flater is a tree-hugger. You know what this means? Flater and I cut the branch off and then replaced it in the tree where the bird could still live. Once the bird vacates the nest I will pull the branch out of the tree (remember - it is already cut) and throw it away. Crazy bird (by bird, I mean Flater).

What Has Matt and Diana Been Up To?

Diana and I have been living the no kid life through-out July. Not that we don't love our kids, we just don't mind (too much) that they are gone. We have a good time hanging out, watching movies and doing other fun things without the kids. We were pretty proud of ourselves that we did not go out to eat that much without the kids (which is usually our first option when we have no kids home). Diana and I watched the entire 2nd season of Buffy together, as well as most of the 2nd season of Big Love. We also love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives together and chat about places we may go. Of course, Diana's big summer obsession is So You Think You Can Dance. I don't mind that she watches because it gives me all kinds of stuff to mock, as well as some extra working time at night.

I also cleaned out the shed (huge project, with no kid help). Diana got through a huge load of ironing (took her two days at 8 hours a day). It has been a busy time and now we have to start getting kids ready to go back to school in a month.

What has Chloe Been Up To?

Chloe has been a busy little tyke as well. She has been many places and seen many things. Chloe got to go to Girls camp for the first time this year. You can see some pictures of her getting her hair done before camp. She had a really good time out in the mountains with the girls and the bears.

Chloe got home from girls camp and left (on the same day) for Sacramento. She was promised that good grades would get her to Sacramento for a summer vacation, but we did not know the dates for girls camp. Chloe got to take a plane ride all be herself. Her grandma picked her up at the airport (and got Kevin Johnson's autograph). Chloe then got to spend the weekend with her cousins having a good time. She drove home with Jordan and my parents.

Chloe went to St. George with me and Jordan, but she did not have to come home on Sunday afternoon like Jordan and I did. She stayed in St. George for an entire week. She played with Addison and Izzie and had a good time with her cousins playing and swimming. It was quite an exciting week.

Now that Chloe is home she is booking babysitting jobs like crazy and hopes to make a bunch of money this summer.

The pictures below show Chloe getting ready to leave for girls camp. The top picture is her after Robin braided her hair. The second picture is Robin actually braiding her hair (with Squishy sitting by her). The last picture is from Chloe's dance recital this year (she danced to Love Is A Battlefield). She did a great job at her dance.

There is still a lot of time in Chloe's summer as well, I am sure she will fill it with all kinds of amazing and fun activities.

What Has Jordan Been Up To?

So, Jordan has been busy so far this summer. He has been in California, Mill Hollow, and Camp Tracy. Not to even mention all of his fun time with friends. Jordan was promised that if he got "good grades" we would let him go to Sacramento to see Camden (Jordan's cousin) get baptized. At the end of the school year his grades were deemed "good" and we set up the trip for him to go. Jordan drove with my parents all the way to Sacramento. My parents even said he was good! Way to go Jordan! Jordan spent about a week in California doing all kinds of fun things: riding the 4-wheelers, swimming, scootering and biking. He had a ton of fun.

Jordan went to Mill Hollow as well. We paid for Mill Hollow during the school year and told Jordan to qualify to go he had to have no C's on his report card. On the say when we could no longer get our money back one of Jordan's grades fell to a C (and ended the year at that). We told Jordan he could still go (we couldn't get our money back) but he would owe us the $60 that Mill Hollow costs. Jordan agreed and went to Mill Hollow (with his friends Gavin and Tanner) and had a great time. He hiked, tied boondoggle and just generally hung out with his friends.

We went to St. George for the weekend in July and had a good time in the pool. It was just a quick trip, but fun! Once we got home from St. George Jordan got to go to 11-year old Boy Scout camp. He went up to the mountains at Camp Tracy and did rifle shooting, carving and other scout activities. He even got to sleep up there one night.

As you can tell Jordan has been pretty busy and he still has a month of summer left. Below you can see some pictures. The top one is from the 4th of July celebration we had at my parents. Jordan is holding Izzie. The other two pictures are from a bike ride Jordan and I went on and Jordan stopped at a park to do the monkey bars.

Fantasy Baseball Update

I can't remember the last update I had for my baseball team. But, here is the story for the last couple months. I was in first place for quite a while. Then I lost first and almost fell to second. I was down to the first place team by 10 to 14 for a while. I had to make some trades. I traded Kevin Youkilis for Brain Roberts and Yovanni Gallardo. That is trading a top 20 hitter for a top 10 pitcher and top 30 hitter. Not a bad deal. I also traded the injured Jose Reyes for Stephen Drew (a top 40 hitter when healthy - and a big 2nd half guy) as well as the DH for the Orioles (Luke Scott) who is having a pretty good year. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Just a couple days ago I went back into first place. My hitters are all 1st, 2nd, or 4rd place in all their categories. If my pitching could pull it together I would be dominating. I hope to pick up the pace with my pitching (I have a good staff) so I can dominate. Right now my lead is pretty perilous.

It Gets Hot

I took this picture a couple days ago when I got in the car to go home for the day. It was hot. I have been driving without air conditioning to get more miles per gallon. The only air conditioning I do is 2 by 75 air conditioning - two windows unrolled and driving 75.

This kind of cooling is not good for the hair. And it stays really hot in the car.

I have increased the MPG in my Infiniti to 26mpg. The Pathfinder was at 18mpg when I drive it.

Have Your Cake

Burton Group is a great company to work for. So great that people make cakes with our company logos on them!
What is even better about the look of this cake is that it actually tasted good.

Oh, and by the way, if you need a cake decorated I know someone.

World Exclusive

These pictures were taken at Taylorsville Days where fireworks were shot off to the Footloose soundtrack. I want you to feel like I have thought about the blog (which I have) so I never published these pictures to my Facebook page. This is the only place to see them. While you look at them think of Kenny Loggins singing: Loose, footloose; Kick off your Sunday shoes; Please, Louise; Pull me offa my knees; Jack, get back; C'mon before we crack; Lose your blues; Everybody cut footloose.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Looks Like I Can Be Pressured

I have heard the calls. I am going to be blogging again. I hear it from friends and family, "you haven't blogged in 2 months, you need to blog again, it is the only way I know what is going on in your life since you won't talk to me or call me on the phone." Well, I respond with, "It is not 2 month's until the 26th of July. I will blog before then."

I will have to start my return by letting you know everything that has happened in the last almost two-months. I don't want to type it all so stay tuned for some photo blogs with limited text explanations.