Sunday, July 26, 2009

What has Chloe Been Up To?

Chloe has been a busy little tyke as well. She has been many places and seen many things. Chloe got to go to Girls camp for the first time this year. You can see some pictures of her getting her hair done before camp. She had a really good time out in the mountains with the girls and the bears.

Chloe got home from girls camp and left (on the same day) for Sacramento. She was promised that good grades would get her to Sacramento for a summer vacation, but we did not know the dates for girls camp. Chloe got to take a plane ride all be herself. Her grandma picked her up at the airport (and got Kevin Johnson's autograph). Chloe then got to spend the weekend with her cousins having a good time. She drove home with Jordan and my parents.

Chloe went to St. George with me and Jordan, but she did not have to come home on Sunday afternoon like Jordan and I did. She stayed in St. George for an entire week. She played with Addison and Izzie and had a good time with her cousins playing and swimming. It was quite an exciting week.

Now that Chloe is home she is booking babysitting jobs like crazy and hopes to make a bunch of money this summer.

The pictures below show Chloe getting ready to leave for girls camp. The top picture is her after Robin braided her hair. The second picture is Robin actually braiding her hair (with Squishy sitting by her). The last picture is from Chloe's dance recital this year (she danced to Love Is A Battlefield). She did a great job at her dance.

There is still a lot of time in Chloe's summer as well, I am sure she will fill it with all kinds of amazing and fun activities.

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