Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Has Jordan Been Up To?

So, Jordan has been busy so far this summer. He has been in California, Mill Hollow, and Camp Tracy. Not to even mention all of his fun time with friends. Jordan was promised that if he got "good grades" we would let him go to Sacramento to see Camden (Jordan's cousin) get baptized. At the end of the school year his grades were deemed "good" and we set up the trip for him to go. Jordan drove with my parents all the way to Sacramento. My parents even said he was good! Way to go Jordan! Jordan spent about a week in California doing all kinds of fun things: riding the 4-wheelers, swimming, scootering and biking. He had a ton of fun.

Jordan went to Mill Hollow as well. We paid for Mill Hollow during the school year and told Jordan to qualify to go he had to have no C's on his report card. On the say when we could no longer get our money back one of Jordan's grades fell to a C (and ended the year at that). We told Jordan he could still go (we couldn't get our money back) but he would owe us the $60 that Mill Hollow costs. Jordan agreed and went to Mill Hollow (with his friends Gavin and Tanner) and had a great time. He hiked, tied boondoggle and just generally hung out with his friends.

We went to St. George for the weekend in July and had a good time in the pool. It was just a quick trip, but fun! Once we got home from St. George Jordan got to go to 11-year old Boy Scout camp. He went up to the mountains at Camp Tracy and did rifle shooting, carving and other scout activities. He even got to sleep up there one night.

As you can tell Jordan has been pretty busy and he still has a month of summer left. Below you can see some pictures. The top one is from the 4th of July celebration we had at my parents. Jordan is holding Izzie. The other two pictures are from a bike ride Jordan and I went on and Jordan stopped at a park to do the monkey bars.

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