Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello? part 2

We are all about luxury.

Don't come up too fast, I have an illustrious bio to read.

I am going to buy all those adapters and burn them.

I like P.

I'm geeky enough, don't worry.

You don't want a couple hundred dollar hoe, you want a nicer hoe than that.

Let's not call Patrick about that.

If you like those numbers I can throw out more to you later.

I like these girls, I think I'll keep them.

Come by my suite and I'll give you a stamp.

Pretzels and mini-wienies!

Why do men come with sound effects?

Asking someone if they want their picture taken is like asking them if they want to make out.

Everytime I talk to him I just think, "You are out of your mind."

I think Sid got kicked off the premises.

1 comment:

lesleydaluz said...

Ya!!! The quotes are back, baby!