Thursday, July 30, 2009

Past Couple Days, part 2

Sunday morning I got up and did the Vela breakfast again. It is good. I get an omelet and everything. This morning for breakfast I run into Richard Watson and have breakfast with him. Eventually Kristin and Ivan join us.

We get to work on our continued setup. By now I am sorting the meetings schedule for Sales and printing out analyst meeting sheets. This takes a couple hours. We also start setting signs and registration opens this afternoon. I have a late lunch by heading over to the Tin Fish with Karl and the Knof. It is pretty good, but is still a $12 hamburger, and it was not great. I can't wait to get back to five guys in Salt Lake. This is some good burger.

We get done around 6pm or so and I go up to my room. I start watching Sunday night baseball on ESPN and quickly fall asleep (I don't have any fantasy players in the game). I wake up in the middle of the night and decide it is too late for food and go back to bed. I sleep well.

Monday is another breakfast. I get up early and have breakfast all by lonesome. I do see a couple BGers while there and stop and chat with them for a while. It is some analysts and LD and Littlkins would laugh if they saw me talking to them.

Monday is the first day of workshops and almost everyone arrives. I keep working on presentations and meetings. I show Tearie and Stepani around the venue so they will know where everything is. Monday night is also the company dinner. We have a good time hanging out and talking with colleagues. I get to bed early because the show is really starting tomorrow.

Tuesday morning is a full-day of workshops. I don't do much for workshops. I am getting ready for general sessions on Wednesday. I am getting a bunch of file replacements and edits and I am following up on still missing files. In the afternoon I have my big AV and Room Coordinators meeting as well as the BG speaker orientation. Both of these go pretty well. We have a couple concerns, but are ready to go for Wednesday.

The Opening Reception is Tuesday night. The food is good and I chat up some attendees from Milwaukee. I go back upstairs to prepare for Wednesday morning. I have to get agendas and announcements and guides and stamp cards all ready for the next day. I get to bed at a decent hour. The morning is coming soon.

Wednesday is finally here. The general sessions. This is when things get very real around here. And you are going to have to wait to hear about it.

See you tomorrow.

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