Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Past Couple Days, part 1

Let me fill you in on what has been going on over the last couple of days here in San Diego.

I arrived pretty early on Friday morning. There wasn't much of a security line at the airport and I basically breezed right through. I even made it through security with my house keys in my pocket. Not an easy feat if you have seen how many keys I have on my keyring. This also does not bode well for the state of security in our airports, plus, I swore to myself that I would remember not to even bring my keys this time. I am not going to need them. I put my keys in my bag and go to the gate.

At the gate I pull out my computer and take part in the new free wi-fi at the SLC airport. I see Joshua and his fiance at the airport. I write my itinerary for my wife and update some presentations. I do not see Tom anywhere, but assume he is a big boy and will make it in time. Tom shows up right as the plane starts to board and he runs up to wait in line. It is time to get on the plane, but I wait. This way I do not have to wait in a line to get on the plane, I can just walk right on. Why are people always ready to quickly wait in line. I don't get it.

The plane ride is a breeze. I play Fuzzle the whole way and get an all-time high. Over 2700 points. I am awesome, but I do not have Internet access to see how my score rates in the entire world. One day I will get into the top 10, it is on my bucket list.

At the hotel, we start stuffing bags. Vision Events (a vendor we use) has sent over some of their people to help. This was very unexpected, but also great as we basically finish everything we need to stuff on Thursday thanks to their help in the morning. For lunch I have a cheeseburger. It is pretty good. I don't really enjoy the fries.

That night I meet up with the Knof, Karl, Kristin and Ivan for dinner at Vela, the restaurant at the hotel. I have the Penne. Vela has changed all their food names to science fiction people for comic-con. It is pretty cool. I don't remember who my pasta was named after, but I did look it up on my phone and thought it was pretty cool. Ivan got the lemon chicken. I don't remember what anyone else got.

Get up the next morning and head down to Vela for breakfast. I find the source of all bacon (see my picture in a different post) and have an omelet and sausage and bacon. A pretty good breakfast. Ivan and Karl show up as I am finishing and Ivan gets googly eyes for a Dexter star and just has to get an autograph.

Up in the BG office we are working like crazy. The booths arrive and Kirstin and I decide where the sales pen should go. We discuss other layout options for things like the sales booth and other odds and ends. Saturday seems to fly right by but we get a ton done. In the late afternoon I go up to my room to work. I have a pretty comfy chair in my room - instead of the hard-backed chair in the office (which, by the way, is the same chair we expect our attendees to sit in all week).

I finally decide that I should go get some dinner. I decide to walk down to Seaport Village and go to the Village Baker. I always go here when I am in San Diego. They make some good sandwiches. I have the club. Get a Sprite to drink and then stop at Ben and Jerry's. I get the strawberry cheesecake shake (one of my favorites). The shake does not taste as good as a Coldstone shake, but it is good. I walk back to the hotel, but this time I decide to walk front of the convention center instead of behind it. I should have taken pictures the whole way. I saw a couple of wonder women that should not be wearing that costume. I saw the entire Justice League - acting like they were the real Justice League and a whole bunch of other people that I did not even know. It was very exciting.

Once back to the hotel I ran into Kristin and Ivan who had gone to the Weeds panel. They had a good time, but Mary Louise Parker was not there, so they were sad. We chatted about the panel and about work the next day and then we parted ways so I could go eat my dinner. I go up to my room and open my Sprite and it blows up on me. I was not happy. It's not like I shook it. I ate the sandwich and drank my drink and all was good. I then went to bed.

Catch more of my adventures in San Diego tomorrow!

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