Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello, part 1 (Try #2)

Since I am in Prague preparing for another Catalyst Conference I thought I better do some quotes (plus I have had requests - especially from Chloe). Remember that I will taking the best quotes from my Twitter feed (@mattroblyer - follow me!) to be on the blog. Here are what I have so far:

  • You're all hopped up on apple juice
  • They don't use snowballs
  • I gotta pee
  • Only if you smell burning feathers
  • You have Jamie's permission to kill someone. That is power.
  • do-dah-dooo....ohhhh!
  • My college degree says nothing about easels
  • I really need to stop saying "the Gartner people," I am the Gartner people
  • You'd never make it as a truck driver
  • It is 2 more than 5.1
  • I have not said a word to you in 25 minutes
  • I agree with you. It is sad that we are wasting 1 piece of paper.
  • I've got live tuna in my suitcase
  • I like bananas in Prague
  • Feel free to organize them while you are over there
  • This is like a weird dream I am in right now
  • I want candles for Fathers Day
  • She's him Mum
  • Are you sharing rooms when he gets here?
  • Why can't the world standardize on just one paper size?
  • I know a lot of websites that you shouldn't go to on your work laptop.
  • We had two each and I didn't sleep for a day and a half
  • You're solving world peace today? It's only 9 o'clock.

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