Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello? Part 2 (try #2)

Today was a good day. A little work in the morning and then touring - a great lunch at Imperial Cafe and a great dinner at a place that overlooks the Charles Bridge. Here are some great quotes from today in Prague.

By the way - you can follow great Catalyst quotes on Twitter by searching #catquotes. I will be submitting here and so will some friends of mine here at the event - but What the Heck Over will always be THE place to go for your Catalyst quotes that can be taken out of context.
  • She's secretly a dominatrix
  • Feel free, we'll just be listening
  • We're going to do this. We are going to walk that street.
  • I gotta hit 2 like 3 times
  • Those smelled better than they taste
  • I thought baby Jesus would be taller
  • Yeah, I haven't heard that yet
  • I want to see your hernia later
  • Maybe I will bunk with you

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