Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello? part 4 (try #2)

First "official" day of Catalyst today. A full day of sessions. A good amount of quotes. Too bad the days get so long that I can't remember the context by the time I post these at night. I am sure most of these were really funny when they were said originally.

  • John Lennon is a dick
  • It is probably because they let him wear a hat.
  • Someone farted really loud in there
  • Yeah, I have a problem
  • Penetration is a funny word
  • Taylor saw my head pop up from under the desk
  • I'm just saving her for later
  • If it says 23:58 I just sit and stare at it until it turns
  • Anything I gave you was unused
  • I wrote that down in my little black book to show God
  • Matt was impressed
  • Some people post all the time with nonsensical crap
  • I train in Brazilian Jujitsu
  • I thought that started with K
  • Sounds like PUNT!
  • Matts not going to get nose cancer
  • "Yeah, we're hungry." "Uh...huh."
  • Collin got Czeched

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TheGirlisAlright said...

Ahah, these are pretty great. Where do you hear these at?