Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Fireworks

Tonight we went to my parents house for a BBQ and fireworks. It is was a good time. Some people had turkey burgers, but that is just un-American on the 4th. I had a great burger. We then chatted for a while and did parachuters. Chloe and Jordan love the parachuters. They could run after them all day long. They seem to like the parachuters more than actual fireworks. We had a good time and both Chloe and Jordan caught a couple right out of the air.

Once it got dark we lit off the fireworks (and dodged the next-door neighbors illegal fireworks). The smoke was blowing right in our face all night. When the next-door neighbors lit their fireworks I had to close my eyes it was so bad. Plus, I could feel ash or something else hitting my face. My eyes were burning.

I lit off all the parachuters so Ry-ry lit off all the fireworks that we did. We also did some sparklers (offical name Morning Glory). The kids love these.

Here are some pictures:

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