Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Southwest Airlines

I had never flown Southwest (until Saturday, from Oakland to SLC). I didn't really like it. The price was right, but the whole ticketing thing really blew me away. Chloe and I bought our tickets at the same time, on the same bill even. When we check in and get our boarding passes (which I looked up all my information on my Curve while standing in line - awesome!) they are in totally different boarding groups. I could not believe it. I went up to the gate and told them that we would both board at the same time and we would board from my pass - which was near the first. We got good seats, but not great. Chloe got the window and was happy.

Once we got in the air you get a not very good drink and horrible treats. We saved them to give to Jordan, not because they were horrible, but because Chloe and I shared a pizza in the airport. I might fly Southwest again because they were cheap. I really liked Jet Blue and I use Delta the most, so Southwest can be the number three airline that I use.

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