Friday, July 4, 2008

The Godfather Trilogy

In the past week Diana and I have watched the entire Godfather trilogy. We have never seen each movie on its own. We have seen parts of these movies, but never actually sat and watched. We watched one and two earlier, but watched part three last night. These movies were great. I cannot believe they were made in the 70's. These movies are what other people think about when they do gangster movies. I always thought the horse head thing was in part two, but it is in one. Everyone says part two is the best sequel ever (my vote: Empire Strikes Back), but I liked the first one best. The third one is super weak. One other question is: where is this great actor Al Pacino? The Al Pacino I know is no where as cool as the one that plays in these movies. Even part three where the story sucks, Pacino is just awesome. I do not want to give too much of these movies away because if you have never watched them you need to go to the store, rent these movies and watch them.

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