Monday, July 28, 2008


You probably wonder why I have not talked about the new iPhone? Apple just did not get this right. They made it faster, but not better. They added applications that just do not work. Apple is too big of a company now to have this bad of a launch. The iPhone still needs a removable battery.

The whole Pluto not a planet thing really bugs me. If it bugs you too read this. This article lets you know what is going on in the universe and explains what is out there and what they are called. Call in the science geeks.

We make the kids read actual books. Just reading things on the internet is not good enough. Plus, reading books gives you the experience, reading online is just not the same. Check out the debate here.

Want to make sure your digital audio sounds great? Read this article. The music matters. Let it sound as good as it can.

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