Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Webelos Day Camp Day 2

Here is the rundown for today's Webelos day camp:

We got off to a much earlier start today and made it to camp before 8:30AM. The classes do not start until 9:30 so we sat through skits and songs from the camp staff. Most of these were pretty horrible. A lot of the times I had to ask Jordan if the things were funny? He laughed and I just sat there.

The first class was Readyman where the boys learned about first aid. It was pretty good. Learning CPR, the Heimlich, and when to call Poison Control was all good info that kids need to hear. This class was two hours so it got a little long, but the boys were able to play a game for about a half-hour.

We then went to Geology where we learned about rocks and how mountains are formed. We also learned about the hardness scale which was actually interesting...considering it was developed in the 1800's.

At this point we took a long lunch because 1) Geology got out early, and 2) We had an hour set aside for lunch. We ate and talked and then went to the Trading Post where the boys wasted their money. The Trading Post is full of junk - but at least it is not overpriced. Most items were pretty cheap.

The last class was, once again, swimming. Jordan did not swim today, he did not want to. He read his book and played with his bow and arrow set (he got it from the Trading Post). He seemed to have a good time and the rest of the boys had fun swimming.

It was a pretty good day.

Overall, Jordan and the group fulfilled many requirements and had a good time, which is basically what I like to happen during Webelos.

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