Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We watched the new on video 21 tonight. It was pretty OK. It was not spectacular. It was not as good as Diana wanted it to be either.

There is a super smart kid at MIT that is trying to get to Harvard. He is on cruise control at school until he impresses one of the professors, Kevin Spacey. Spacey has a card-counting ring going on in Vegas. He wants the super smart kid (I think Ben was his name) to be on his team. Spacey teaches Ben how to count cards and he is awesome. The team goes to Vegas and start making money. Ben just wants his $300,000 for Harvard and then out. As Ben wins more money he gets a bigger head and more reckless. Plus, he gets the hot chick, Kate Bosworth. One night Ben loses all the money and Spacey is pissed. Spacey rats Ben out to the security guys and Ben gets the crap beat out of him.

Ben goes back to school a loser. Spacey has ruined him and stolen all his money. Sad for Ben. Ben finally apologizes to Spacey and they decide to go for one more big run and get as much as they can. This time Spacey is actually going to play. The team goes to play and they win. A lot. They are happy but securty starts to run after them. Spacey splits off from Kate and Ben and gets away. Ben and Kate get away too. You then see that Ben had switched the chips so Spacey gets nothing, plus you see that one of the security guys is in Spacey's limo. He is busted. Then you see that Ben made a deal with security to get Spacey. Spacey is pissed, but he is screwed. Ben thinks he gets all the winnings, but the security guy (Laurence Fishbourne) takes the money for his "pension". At the end you see that Ben is telling this story to the scholarship committee for Harvard, as he has lost all his own money.


This movie was OK, not great. Diana wanted a lot better. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

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