Monday, July 28, 2008

License Plates

We finally got the new license plates for our cars today. We had the Pathfinder ones for a while now, I just never put them on until tonight. When you buy two cars at basically the same time from different dealers you see how different dealers are. Where I got the Infiniti (Smith Family Motors) was great. I went in, they asked about the car, how I liked it, how things were going and offered to put the plates on for me. I obliged and let them the guy happily put the plates on and even removed the temporary ticket for me. That was great.

We went to Auto Gallery (where we got the Pathfinder) at the end of last week. They did not ask about the car. Did not care. Barely even talked to me. Made it like a chore to get my plates for me. I felt like just another customer there. To be fair, I did not hate them, they just paled in comparison to Smith Family Motors.

The good news is that both the cars now have plates. We are street legal.

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