Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping, part 2

We were only in San Francisco from about 11am to 2pm, but we got everywhere. After the Wharf and the taxi ride back to the BART station Chloe still wanted to go shopping. We went back to the Powell Street station and went back to the mall. This time we went to a bunch of shops and looked for stuff for Chloe. We ended up at H&M and Chloe picked out a bunch of shirts for her. We couldn't find any pants (they were too low - crack is whack) for her though. It was almost 2pm and we still had to get to the Hilton to pick up out bags. We leave the mall and there is a Gap right across the street. I tell Chloe we can go to the Gap to find her some pants. We go in and end up getting a couple more shirts as well as a pair of pants. Chloe loved it. She likes to shop. When she is a teenager she is going to be trouble.

All in all I think Chloe liked her time in San Francisco and really liked her time in Sacramento. It was a good week and we had a lot of fun. After Chloe and I picked up our luggage from the Hilton we got back on the BART and rode to Oakland where we then took the bus from the BART stop to the airport and flew home.

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