Monday, July 28, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Diana and I watched Be Kind Rewind. It is a sometimes funny comedy about a movie store. Oh, I forgot.


This little movie store in the middle of a rundown neighborhood in New Jersey is not renting movies very well. They still have VHS, no DVD. The old owner is going away to celebrate a local jazz legend that the old guys says was born in the building the store is now in. Jack Black is a crazy mechanic that lives in the junkyard across the street. Jack gets in trouble and gets himself magnatized. The young fellow that was left to run the store cannot keep Jack out of the building and he erases all the tapes. Jack and his buddy do not want to ruin the store, so when one of the renters wants to rent Ghostbusters (which was erased) they decide the record it themselves. The renter loves the movie and comes back for more. They keep making more and more movies and it is hilarious the way they make the movies and the things they do while making the movies. Of course, the rental place gets super popular and everyone loves the movies they make (Sweded!). The movie companies get wind of what they are doing and confiscate and destroy all the movies. They decide to make their own movie and everyone ends up happy.


This movie is hilarious in parts - where they make the movies. The rest of this movie is completely idiotic. I could not even stand the other parts of the movie. I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars. I had much higher hopes for this movie.

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