Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

As we come up out of the Embarcadero BART station we have no idea which way to go. We follow the crowds and walk through a bunch of little tent shops that are selling various junk. We get down to the Embarcadero and Pier 1. What? We have to walk all the way to Pier 39? And these are not just little short hops between piers, they are blocks. We walk and walk and walk and walk and walk (just like the pioneer children). We finally make it to the Wharf. We walk through the shops and food areas. All the way to the end. We see the sea lions. I have a picture of them below.

It is time for lunch and Chloe wants a churro. We start to head up to the churro truck and Chloe sees the Dreyer ice cream store. She now wants ice cream for lunch. I told her, "We were on vacation so why not?" She got a double scoop with chocolate and peanut butter cup. She loved it. Chloe wanted to do more shopping and we had to head back to the Hilton to get our luggage. We are heading back to the BART and we decided to not walk back (we would not be good pioneers), we just took a cab to the station.

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