Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Price of Gas

What is it with the price of gas around here? The national average was around $4.11 a couple weeks ago. Around my house was $4.15. Since that point the national average has fallen to under $4.00. Around my house the price has not changed at all! I am getting ticked off. I have never paid more than $4 a gallon (I filled up a long time ago and because I was out of town I have not driven much). Tomorrow I will have to fill up the Infiniti. Hopefully the price has gone down by then. I will of course go to Costco where it should be quite a bit cheaper (hopefully).

I just hope all the stations around here are feeling good about gouging us drivers for a little bit more money. Do they not realize that people are just not driving. The country has actually stopped or slowed down their miles in their cars. The prices have actually stopped people from driving, which is something that I thought would not happen. I bet that prices never go under $3 again (maybe $2.99 to make people happy). People will then adjust and next summer when prices go back over $4 people won't think it is that big of a deal.

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