Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello? part 4

You won't believe our day today. We got some sweet pictures. We went to the bone church that is about an hour from Prague and we also went and saw St. Barbara cathedral as well (they were both in the same small town). The bone church was cool and has over 40,000 bones inside it as decoration. I will be posting pictures soon. Once we got back we went to this huge park that has a huge metronome in it. It was pretty cool and another day of a lot of walking.

There was also some great quotes for today:
  • Karl is here, bring out the gay pride corn
  • No one makes you me more nervous than someone that says, "don't be scared"
  • There's your daughters gum
  • I have really fantastic calves
  • Who would I want to play leap frog with?
  • It's true. I can hold my breath for a minute
  • Actually, I don't think Sid can say that
  • We don't pet weird dogs in Prague
  • Are they taking their antibiotics
  • I've hidden in the closets there

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