Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Month In Collaboration

At my work I do a part of the company meeting titled: This Month In Collaboration. During this time I speak on ways for BG to work together better. This month I spoke on SharePoint meeting workspaces. Here is some of my presentation on the benefits of meeting workspaces:

•Create and view meeting or event agenda items: The agenda can be accessible to any or all users, providing attendees with the ability to add items that they want covered in the meeting. Having the agenda available prior to the meeting enables attendees to do any necessary preparation for the meeting.
•Communicate with attendees: Email messages can be easily sent to attendees.
•All the documents for the meeting available in one place: Any documents associated with the meeting can be stored in a document library for easy access by all members.
•Access to the most current information for the meeting: The meeting workspace serves as the one central place for storing and updating meeting information, ensuring that people always access the most current information.
•Assign and track tasks: The task list is available on the meeting workspace so that all meeting members can see what tasks they are assigned to complete before the meeting and what tasks they are assigned as the result of the meeting. Task status can also be viewed for managing tasks.
•A complete record of the meeting for future reference: Using the meeting workspace to store the agenda, objectives, and documents for reviewing prior to the meeting, and then updating the site after the meeting with the meeting minutes, decisions that were made, and follow-up tasks provides a complete picture of the meeting and what was accomplished.
•Provide information to all attendees: Items such as directions to the meeting and a list of things to bring to the meeting can be made available through SharePoint lists and Web Parts.

Now you all know for sure that I really am just a geek.

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