Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

Tonight me and Chloe went to a Daddy Daughter date over at the church pavilion. It was fun. We did a bunch of relay races. During the three-legged race our tie broke and I picked Chloe up. Cool, right? Well, three steps in I slipped and we crumpled to the ground. Don't worry, I threw Chloe clear so I did not land her. Everyone is all good, except for Chloe needed a little drama first. We did a crab crawl and tightrope walk and water balloon carry. Our group won everything. After we had a donut and milk. I did not have the donut or the milk (I had water). We had a good time. I bet you want me to post a pic of my fall. Well, no one caught one or I would.

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