Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Kid Bikes

Friday night we went to WalMart to get some new bikes for the kids. Now a lot of people do not like WalMart, but I do not mind it (I think I have said all this before). I am just careful what I get from there. We did not buy the cheapest bikes that WalMart had, we got a decent upgrade and the bikes feel really solid. Friday night we just got one for Chloe. She found a purple one that she liked. It is a Mongoose. It has dual suspension and is a 21-speed. It is pretty cool. The bike has 24 inch wheels.

There was not one that Jordan could have. There was a 24 inch wheel bike for boys, but it was heavy (really heavy) and Jordan could not even get on it.

Saturday (after Thomas and Great Harvest) we went to Target to try and get a bike for Jordan. They had nothing! It was pretty pathetic. We then decided to go to a different WalMart and they had 3 different 24 inch bikes for boys. The first one we tried Jordan did not like. The second one he LOVED. It is silver, yellow, and black and is also a Mongoose (just like Chloe's (and mine by the way)).

Once we got home the kids went to riding their bikes. And they spent all afternoon/evening riding around. I did yard work (mow front and back) while the kids rode. I then got my bike out of the shed and pumped up the front tire (it was flat, duh!). Me and the kids went for a ride around the neighborhood and Jordan would not stop talking about how cool his bike was. I am glad that he is so happy about his bike.

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