Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Update

I have not let you know where I am in baseball lately (my team sucks). I want to be truthful with all of you so I will tell you that I am in 4th place. My team is below .500 and I get blown out most weeks I play a good team. You can see below that the 3rd place team is way in front of me and I am barely ahead of the 5th place team.
This week has started out well though. I am playing the 2nd place team and I am winning. Hopefully this keeps up and I can win. Monkey is my arch-rival. Him and I almost always are near the top when we play. He refuses to trade with me unless he is a clear favorite.

I sent Monkey a trade for baseball earlier in the season and he sent back a response that said. "This seems fair for everyone and I should do it. But I am not going to." I was like, you are crazy. It helps both teams equally and he will not do it because he is not winning the trade, make the trade, but he wouldn't. I moved on though and beat him in our only meeting so far this year. I MUST beat him again this week to show him that he should have made the trade.

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