Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6:00 PM Links

Last time on the 24-hour challenge I did 6:00 PM links so I would like to keep the tradition going.

The moon is exploding? Not really, just outerspace junk hitting the ground and I guess it looks pretty cool from a good telescope.

This is one smart parrot. Some days I do not know it my kids could do this.

I told you earlier that I like to read the online reviews to help me choose something to purchase. Now this guy is ruining it and all the reviews will soon be plants. I am not happy about this. I thought I could trust those reviews. I will have to start looking for a new way to research things on the internet.

The problem with these oil guys is that they looked to make a 30% (made up number - but I know there is a number) profit on everything. When oil was cheaper they made good money and everyone was happy. Now that oil is so expensive, the guys kept their percentage the same and it is biting them in the butt. They need to wisen up and decide on new percentages depending upon the price of oil. It is like when I do a print job for someone. If the job is cheap, I get my 33%. If it is over $1,000 I drop my % to 30. If the job is over $2,500 I go down to 25% and over $5,000 I just take 15%. My customers don't know and I don't minde making 15% of $5,000 on the job.

You would think these guys are smarter than this, but they aren't. The supply and demand scenario does not work when you have speculators that can drive the price higher. Supply and demand works with tennis shoes - not oil.

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