Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Airlines

I will never fly these guys. Today American Airlines announced a $15 fee for your FIRST checked bag. That is freaking outrageous. Do they expect you to travel with only carry-ons? You know that everyone that flies AA from now on will be just stuffing those carry-ons, trying to get three on board. I swear, this is the beginning of the end for airlines as we know them. Soon you will just slide your credit card to open the doors to the airport and there will be a per minute charge until you slide the door to exit.

I am someone that lovs to fly. I hate long car rides (too many as a kid). This is really turning me off to flying all together. The main problem is that business travelers will be mostly paying prices go up to help cover the increase in airfare.

BOOOOOO American Airlines. This is bad.

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