Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Links for today

What will the next iPhone bring? I do not know, Steve Jobs does not talk to me personally. There are some major problems and hopefully they can be fixed. If the battery could be replaced easily and there was enterprise support I would consider an iPhone, but I still love my Curve.

Bill Gates was talking about the new version of Windows and what MS learned from Vista, this is what he said, "Based on compatibility -- we're going to do better. The way you see the user interface and security -- we're going to better. The way we help move you onto the new version, we're going to do better on that. So it's a ton of things. We have a culture that's very much about `we need to do better'. Vista has given us more opportunities…." The columnist says the last line was drowned out by laughter. "We Need To Do Better" that is a great tagline for Microsoft and Windows.

I do not use FireFox, but some people I know do. Version 3 will come out soon. I will take a look and give it a chance, but I think I am an Internet Explorer guy.

Looking for a new laptop? Read this first so you can get the info that you will need to get the right one.

Baseball is going to lose some love for this. Why can't the kids have the name of the team for their uniform and an official MLB hat to wear. Kids want to pretend they are on a pro-team. This is just disgusting. I guess a couple billion a year is not enough for these guys.

I do not like Rachel Ray, but it is a freaking scarf people, calm down!

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