Saturday, April 19, 2008

NBA Playoffs

Yes, I took 2nd in my fantasy NBA league. But that won't stop me from posting my predictions for the NBA playoffs. I will start with the Leastern Conference and then do the Bestern Conference. That is the East and then the West for you that don't actually pay attention to the league.

Cleveland vs. Washington
The best young player (LBJ23) in the league against the best unknown player in the league (Caron Butler). This series will be hardfought. But the Cavs will win. I like the Wiz, for some reason I just do. I liked them when they were the Bullets and had CWebb and Juwan Howard. That was a long time ago. But I just can't like the Jazz. Not this Jazz that we have now. The only player with any heart is D. Will. But we can talk more about the Jazz later.
Cavs in 6

Toronto vs. Orlando
If you did not pay attention to the NBA you would think Orlando would smash Toronto in a series, but the Raptors have had the Magics number all year. The playoffs will be no different. D. Howard is not as dominate as he should be. Rashard Lewis is a 118 million dollar bust and Turkoglu is awesome - o why did I trade him from my fantasy team for Jermaine Oneal? Oh, yeah, I was trying to hit a home run, but instead got a pitch to my head.
Raptors in 6

Philly vs. Detriot
This series is a walkover. The sixers do not even deserve to be in the playoffs, but in the East me and four friends could fight for the 8th seed. These dudes suck. The NBA, where teams that could barely beat a college team make the playoffs happens. You do realize that the Piston have been good (for the East) fir like 5 or 6 straight years now, and other than the fluke against LA only have one championship to show for it. If they do not win this year, they are done.
Pistons in 5

Atlanta vs. Boston
This Boston team is better than people think. The bench really came through for them this year. The past month the big 3 have basically been just staying in game shape. 66 wins and a great record against the West. The C's are for real. And should cream anyone in the East. Atlanta, good job. After 6 months of playing, you have the right to get creamed in the first round.
Celtics in 4

LA Lakers vs. Denver
These should be some high scoring fun games to watch. It seems Denver has the pieces to match the Lakers every way. But the Nuggest play no D, and Kobe can lock down when he needs to. This is the year I predict that Pau Gasol finally gets a playoff win. The Lakers just need to play a consistent game and they will win this series. Do not get out of control and try to outscore the Nuggets. I do like Carmelo (on the floor, as a human, he is horrible), he really earns every point he gets, not a lot of layups or easy baskets for him.
Lakers in 5

Utah vs. Houston
Rematch from last year, when Houston had Yao and barely lost. This year the Jazz should destroy these Rockets. Only McGrady can score and he can be neutralized or the Jazz will just let him score 40 and stop everyone else. The Jazz play no defense, but no one on the Rockets have any offense. suck. Show some heart and play some D.
Utah in 6

Phoenix vs. San Antonio
This series is why the Suns made the Shaq trade, only in the West could it happen in the first round. The Suns have destroyed the Spurs twice since the trade and it will be no difference in the playoffs. Other than some cheap, crap playing from the Spurs once they know they have lost, this series will not be that hard for the Suns.
Suns in 6

Dallas vs. New Orleans
The Hornets have been a surprise to most people (not me). I think they are good, but they will not win this series. The Mavs know what they need to do to win in the playoffs, and will be able to do it against this Hornets team. The Hornets need another year and a better bench.
Mavs in 6


Anonymous said...

I bet you are wishing you could take a few of these predictions back.

Suns in 6?
Dallas in 6?

Whatever -

Matt said...

Dude, that is why they were predictions, I wasn't telling the future. By the way, man up and add your name.