Monday, April 21, 2008


Another movie review. It seems like we watch a lot of movies, well, we do. We have a good time watching movies. We wait until the kids go to bed and then hang out and watch a movie. One of the recent movies we watched was Juno. I have to say this is the funniest movie about teenage pregnancy you will ever see. Here comes the synopsis.


The movie begins with a young lady walking through town downing a huge sunny d. She goes into a local qwik e mart and buys a pregnancy test. You soon find out that this is the third one and the guy behind the counter knows the girl. Well, the test is positive again, and she is now certain that she really is pregnant. Juno (the girl) decides she needs to tell the boy. When they "did it" it was a one time thing because they were bored. Well, he gets a little crazy about it being his. He likes her, but right now she is indifferent. Juno talks to her friend and she decides to have an abortion, but can't go through it. So, Juno decides to give the baby up for adoption. She finds the family she wants to give the baby to in the Penny Saver (what!?). At this time she decides to tell her parents and this is about the funniest things you will ever see - you will never think the same about a blue slushee after you watch this. Juno goes to meet the family she is giving the baby to and they are a nice couple where the guy seems a little detached. He writes commercial jingles. The wife (Jennifer Garner) works also, but seems like the hyper-, super-wife. Well, Juno is very happy that the family the baby is going to will be good. Juno continues to grow (belly) and she stays at school with the disapproving looks from the administrators and for now, the students think it is cool. Juno decides one day to drop in on the family and just the husband is home, and they start to bond, and Juno kind of has a crush on him, but it also seems like he has a little crush on her a well.

Juno is still at school and now she is huge. She is mad that the baby daddy is going to prom with someone else, and she is getting ornery with everything going on. She decides to go back to the family (she does have that crush on the guy). Well, he is getting ready to move out, he can't handle it, doesn't really want the baby, says he doesn't love his wife. It sounds as if he is trying to leave his wife so him and Juno can date (creepy). Well, the wife gets home and Juno brings it all out. He fesses up that he is not ready and does not want the baby. They get in a fight and Juno storms out. You then see Juno in her car thinking. She grabs a yellow piece of paper and write something on it. She leaves it on the doorstep of the family and then leaves. Juno also decides that she loves the baby daddy. She fills his mailbox with orange tic tacs (his only vice). Juno then tells him that she loves him, and he loves her - he always has, he was just trying to move on becuase that is what she wanted.

Juno has the baby, and Vanessa, the wife, shows up to get the baby. Juno is happy with the boyfriend. Vanessa is alone, but you see the paper she left that said "Vanessa, If you are still in, I am still in -Juno".

Now I left out a lot of the funny, because I want you to watch it. This movie is hilarious - I almost rolled off the bed laughing. 5 stars. Rent it, buy it, own it. Just do not let your teenage girls watch it because teenage pregnancy is not as easy as this movie shows. There is a lot more to it than what this movie shows. But this is a movie, it is not real, so things can and will work out. Good movie.

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