Wednesday, April 30, 2008

43rd (And Could Be Final Post) Of The Month

Once I finish this post I probably won't post again until May, which is a little more than an hour away. One thing I have learned this month is I need to use the spell check. The blogging program provides for spell check, I just do not use it. Stupid on my part.

Today in the mail we got 27 Dresses and Revolver. We have not watched either movie yet, and probably won't stay up tonight to watch one, we can stay up late tomorrow. Plus, Jordan is laying on the floor (at least it is not me this time).

A couple links for today:

Like I said in an earlier post. Microsoft needs to dump Vista and just go back to XP. Sometimes you can go forward by going back. I guess.

Sometimes I wish I could send the people that send you those really cheesy emails to prison too. Don't those count as spam? Mom, I am just kidding, keep sending them. Not really, please stop. Just kidding, again. What am I saying she will never stop. Just make sure you send them to Diana and she will show me the really good ones. And Diana, you are welcome.

The Mavs fired Avery Johnson today. He was not the best coach, but with that team what can you expect. They were flawed from the beginning and Jason Kidd, their big pickup during the year, is nothing now, especially in the western conference. This team needs a complete overhaul. They should try to trade Josh Howard to Denver for Carmelo. Try to move Kidd for anything (he will be easier to move 2 years from now when his contract is expiring). Move Stackhouse for some rebounding/big man help. If they could pull of the Melo deal I think they will be OK for next year. If they try to stand pat, they might not make the playoffs. And if you do not think Denver would do that deal you are crazy. The Nuggets have to move someone, they have the 3rd highest payroll in the NBA, and cannot get out of the first round in the West.

I hate the BCS, but it will never change. The good old boys club just has it too good. There will never be a playoff even though it makes such sense to turn all the small bowl games into playoff games and then BCS games as the championships, how is that not a good idea? Back to the golden rule - whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Fed lowered the interest rate. Waiting to see what this does to car loan interest rates. We are going to get an All Wheel Drive car for this winter (not a Honda Pilot, we test drove one and Diana did not like it). Hopefully car loan rates go down a little more so we can get a sweet deal on whatever car we get. The one problem with the lower rate is inflation and the dollar, this is bad for oil and gas prices can only go up in the fed keeps lowering rates. They need to stop before things really get out of hand.

New clamshell blackberry coming out for all of you that want a blackberry, but love your clamshell phone. I still love my blackberry.

I am buying my old computer from my work. It still runs great and will be a good addition to the fold. I just need to get a wireless card for it and then it will be ready to go. I just bought a 19" widescreen flat panel monitor for it and I am excited to see it in action. We are going to let Diana have the desktop for her scrapbook room and still have the laptop when she wants to roam, and then go from there. This is like the one I got, but mine had a different brand name, Envision I think.

This is what I should be spending my tax rebate on. But, we are saving as much as we can. We are going to try and do Hawaii this fall/winter. Hopefully, we can just save my June and September bonuses and then we would have plenty for a trip in the fall. But by the time I get those bonus dollars we usually have them spent on something - like Jordan's surgery or house stuff! By the way, if you want the above TV but don't have a Costco card, let me know and I will help you get it, it has to stay at my house though.


Anonymous said...

I think Avery is a good coach. Not great, but above average. Let's see... in the 2+ years he has been in Dallas he has...
1) taken his club to the NBA Finals
2) Turned Dirk into a league MVP
3) #1 seed in the West
4) Turned a bunch of offensive hungery players to (at least consider) playing defense for portions of the game.
5) led his club to a franchise record 67 wins.

He was not the one who mortgaged the teams future with the Kidd deal.

Needless to say, they have been 100% terrible in the playoffs (for 3 years now) since their devastating blow-up loss in the NBA Finals.

I still like Avery - Mabey Dallas will bring in D'Antoni from Phoeinx. Avery should go to Chicago - I think that would be a good fit. That opens the door for Jeff Hornecek to coach in Phoenix.


Anonymous said...