Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday Night

Last night we went to a friends house and hung out til late. We had a good time, played catch phrase and such. For dinner we roasted some brats from Colosimos and chicken kabobos from Harmons. There was probably 12 couples, and they are all fun to hang with and joke around with. The kids went to one of other couples house and played with/watched their younger kids. They have a new baby named Squishy and she has the best cry face, and she does cry all the time. Around 10 or so the Squishy's dad went to go get her and she hung with us adults for a while. I even got to hold her until she was crying uncontrollably, but she does that to everyone.

Today we ran a couple errands and got stuff for Chloe's campaign to be 6th grade representative for next year. We are making 4 large posters and she can have 10 small flyers to hang up. Chloe's campaign manager made the small ones, so we just have big ones to do.

We also got a picture/frame/saying thing to go in our front room. We just have to get our pictures printed out and inserted into our frames and the front room will be done. We have to get all that done by next Saturday - for the Cinco de Mayo party. We also got Diana's magnet board she has been wanting. We went to Robert's - and used the 50% off one item coupons. So we got some pretty good deals. I have to paint the magnet board and today I got the primer on it and one coat of paint, but I need to sand it a little now and then put some more coats of paint on it.

Yard work will have to wait until later this week or next week.

Jim Gaffigan is on Comedy Central right now. This dude is hilarous. We have his special Tivo'd permanantly on our TIVO and watch it every couple months. Here is a couple Gaffigan goodies - and of course I am leading with Hot Pockets, probably the best 6 minutes you can spend in front of a computer.

The NBA playoffs are still going on and a bunch of my predictions are way off. Of course, people point those out to me, but don't say how many I am doing just good on. Let's be fair. These are just predictions.

Hot Pockets.

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