Monday, April 21, 2008

The Brave One

Watched the Brave One yesterday. Jodie Foster movie. Never much of a fan of hers and this movie won't change that. This was an OK movie, but not great.

The Brave One

Jodie Foster and her boyfriend are in love. They go out to walk to the dog and they get beat up, he dies, she is severely beaten. She takes weeks/months to get out of the hopsital. She is really shaken up. She finally goes home and then it is hard for her to go outside. She gets a gun (illegally). She then feels a little better. She goes back to work at her radio station. She does a sounds of the city while she talks over it thing. I guess a lot of people listen to her. A local cop that was in the hospital does, and he checked up on her. Jodie Foster is back to going about the town, but now she has her gun to keep her safe. And she ain't afraid to use it. When she sees an injustice to her or someone else. She is ready to act. And she tapes it all on her machine to listen to it. She does not feel good about killing these bad people, but she is not really that remorseful either. She does almost turn herself in at one point. But doesn't. Well, her relationship with the cop is growing and she interviews him for her show. He tells her about a bad guy that he is after. Near the end of the show she, of course, kills the bad guy and then the cop knows it is her. Now Jodie Foster is finding out who attacked her. She wants to get those guys as the last ones. She goes after them, the cop helps, she gets shot, he gets shot. He does not turn her in. All the bad guys are dead. Things are happy, I guess.

I had hoped this movie would be more about the moral dilemma she faced, but they really glossed over that part of the show. Or maybe I missed it. I almost feel asleep. 3 stars out of 5. I do think you should rent this one, but rent Juno first.

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