Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Here is a hodge-podge of stuff I have been going over.

Diana learned how to send me meeting appointments from her computer to my Blackberry. Andc it is awesome. We are now keeping our calendars sync'd together and we are loving it, and I love having work and home on the same device to keep all my appointments together.

Thinking of this for my Blackberry: Being able to be somewhere and ask my phone where food or a library or something is and actually having the phone be able to answer is sweet. Except the navigation doesn't usually work on my phone, maybe I just don't have it set up right. It never worked for my iPod Touch either.

A lot of us work somewhere with an IT help desk, and if yours is like mine there could be some improvements. Today at work a random email went out to order new machines for some employees without notifying their managers on what types of machines they should have. Now to me this is kind of a no-brainer to me, alert the manager, see if their is anything the person needs on a new machine and then let the person know when they will be getting it. Production at Burton Group is going all laptops - for when they travel/meetings/ease of use to take home if there is illness/family problems/ other issues. Most people at BG already have laptops, so getting production on laptops seems to be the way to go, but I guess we will see.

A new LOST is on tomorrow. Just about the only show that I am excited to watch each week.

Today in SharePoint I built (along with my hours of meetins) a consulting references database. I am going to show it to the VP of Consulting tomorrow to see what he thinks. He sometimes ask for the moon, but I think I got it locked up for him. I am trying to build it now with thoughts towards setting workflow and reminder emails. This reminder will be based on the last checked date which is automatically entered every time a new entry is put in SharePoint. The workflow will last for 6 months and then change the status of the reference from Active to Contacting and send an email to the reference owner who will be the consultant that handles the engagement. We will see how this all goes down tomorrow.

The Ben Folds concert was tonight - Diana just told me that so I thought I would note it in the blog. I like Ben Folds, but I just can't spend the kind of money that concerts cost - unless I love the band/dudes, and I just don't think Ben Folds will make me leave feeling good about the money spent for it. Plus, sometimes Ben has some bad language.

American Idol tonight, Diana wants Jason to go. I just want time to go faster so it will be over. Honestly, how do they stretch a five minute results show into an hour. Oh, yeah, they put in 55 minutes of junk. BOOOO!

Diana also made arrangements for our cinco de mayo party today. We are going to celebrate our mexican heritage. This will be the 3rd year where we have friends over and have a large collection of mexican/spanish themed dishes. This year we are having three families over which is a first for us. We usually go two because that works better in the house, especially when you start adding kids for the families.

We watched The Savages tonight, but I didn't really pay attention. All I know is that Diana said the preview for the movie was a lot better than the actual movie was. Doesn't that just tick you off? I get mad becuase now we wated our time with our Blockbuster Total Access plan for the next couple days. BOOOO!

Chloe is running for 6th grade representative for next year. I have her skit all planned out, but I don't want to outline it here, one of her opponents may be reading this and I don't want to give up the good ideas. Chloe likes the idea, Diana loves it. When we do it I will hopefully get some video and post it up here for everyone.

Jordan has to get tubes in his ears again. That is going to go down on the 29th of this month. Not to mention his appointment on the 25th and the 28th. We are going to the doctor's a lot this month. The 25th is an appointment to get his kidneys and bladder looked at. The 28th is the cranio-facial clinic visit for this year. I don't like these because we usually just wait around to see doctors and it takes 5 times longer than it really should.

Back to the Blackberry, my friend Scott has installed Jott for his Blackberry and loves it. I am trying to decide if I want to install it as well, since me and Diana have been all about the Blackberry messenger back and forth, I hope Jott works with that. Tonight I even had to tell Diana to stop texting me while I was driving. Now I am a good texter and driver, but sometimes when you are going 85 on the freeway you just should not text.

American Idol update: Jason, the dude Diana wants to go out has just been declared safe. Diana is not happy. She would like it if I gave another BOOOO! So here it is for you sweetie. BOOOO!

Saw the preview for Will Smith's new movie Hancock. And it actually looked pretty good. Here is the preview.

Almost time for the AI results. Here you go and then I will be done. Carly is out. Never liked those tattoos. Plus, she was already signed before to a contract. Never should have been allowed on the show.

Good night.

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Come on - If you want me to stay tuned in to your blog - keep me entertained... You have not written in days.