Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fantasy NBA

Today is the last day of the NBA season and the last day for me to come back for the championship. Don't let anyone know but I will not be able to come back, I am done. Injuries took me out. And I am not happy about it. Monkey is beating me and he never beats me. I am angry, but there is nothing I can do about it from here. I am down 9-2. Hopefully I at least take the lead in a couple more categories.

It has been a great NBA season and I can't wait for the playoffs, well at least the Western conference playoffs. When is the NBA going to get with it and qualify the top 16 teams? This whole top 8 from each conference is a joke. And I don't care about history or rivalries. Once the NBA makes this decision and just does it new rivalries will be created, and the better teams will make it to the playoffs and teams like the Hawks, sixers, raptors, and wiz wouldn't be there as road kill. It is a waste for the good teams of the west that beat each other up have to end up with a well rested and ready eastern conference team. I think we all know that the Cavs, Celtics, and Pistons are the only teams in the east that even have a chance. And the cavs will be destroyed if they make the finals. The celtics and pistons only have a change because they will not have to face three quality teams during the next three months. Which is the biggest problem with the NBA. The NBA season is 5 months and 82 games. The playoffs are 3 months and 20 games. What a waste of time and players. All to even up the TV nights and make sure there are games on every night for a week (which I like), but the games get too spread out.

Stern - I am calling on you to fix this. I know we bonded during our 35 second hello conversation in Barcelona. So Dave, fix this. I know you can do it. And while you are at it, don't let the Sonics move to Oklahoma. Be a man and make these billionaires live with their choices, dont let them pick up a franchise that has been in Seattle for 40 years and just up and move them.

I love sports but hate the business side of it.

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