Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Another movie review. Cloverfield. I was very pleasantly surprised about this one.


This movie is supposed to be like a documentary that shows what happens to a group of people on the night a huge monster attacks New York City. The night starts out as one of the guys is getting ready to go to Japan and there is a Going Away party for him. You see the background stories, some of them love each other and don't know it. Others have troubled love. This seemed a little slow, but I just wanted to see the monster.

Finally, a small earthquake and the city goes dark. Lights come back on people are scared, they run to the roof and see an explosion quite a ways a way. Now they run down to the ground and the building down the street collapses and a flying object comes at them. Once it lands they see it is the head of the statue of liberty bashed and destroyed. They run into a store as the monster goes over them. Beth, Robert's love, calls and says she is stuck in her apartment and Robert decides to try and get to her. She calls while they are crossing the bridge out of town. All of a sudden a tail comes in and destroys the bridge. One of the brothers is killed.

They start to walk away and get trapped in a subway where one of the dude's moms calls and he has to tell her that the brother died. Sad. Drama. They decide to go down the track in the dark. You see all the rats running the way they are going and then with the night vision on the camera they see a weird little moster and it jumps on them. They start to get one of the guys, but they beat them off. One of the girls gets bitten as they run into a workers room in the tunnels. They decide to go back out to the top-level and run into a large contingent of army guys. There is a lot of injured and the army is ready to ship this group out, but the girl that was bitten starts bleeding from the eyes and the army dudes freak out that she has been bitten. You see the army people grab her and take her to a room where it looks as if she blows up or something. I just don't know why the army did not check to see if people had been bitten earlier if it was such a problem. Robert is trying to convince the army guys to let him go get Beth. They won't do it, but in all the commotion they get seperated and the one army dude left lets them go.

The group finally gets to Beth's building and it is leaning on another building. They decide to go up the building that is not leaning and then go across the roof to get into Beth's building (she lives near the top). The get up there and go across the roof. Once they get to Beth's apartment you see that she has been impaled by a piece of rebar. She is literally stuck. They lift her off the rebar and get ready to go. They get back down to ground level (one small attack of the small creatures - but this time they had an axe handy). They run to the meet point with the army and the monster is right on their tail. Lily, one of the girls, gets on a helicopter, but there is not enough room for all of them. She lifts off and is OK. The others get the next helicopter and watch as a bomber gets some direct hits on the monster. The monster is down in a pile of dust. Suddenly it jumps out and grabs the helicopter. The copter crashes and out three friends that we have been following are mostly OK.

The monster is right with them now. Hud looks up and the monster looks down at him, the monster eats him, I guess and he is gone. But the monster is gone as well - why didn't it get the other two? We will never know. The last tow go grab the camera and head off trying to get away. They hide under a bridge in central park as you hear the bomb sirens sound off. They tell each other they love them and talk to the camera. Explosions go off and the camera is buried in ruble. You don't know what happens. Then you see the end of what they had taped over...which is the last two left at Coney island saying they had a pretty good day.

I liked this movie, there is some bad plot points, and I think I pointed most of those out above. But, this was well done and I enjoyed my time watching it. I do wonder what else happened. But this was a good start. 4 stars out of 5. I would watch this one again.

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Diana said...

You need to put "spoiler alert" on your blogs if you are going to continually tell the whole plot of movies and not leaving anything for the viewer to be surprised by. I also think you rated this movie to high. I would have only given it 3/5 stars. The bad language was a little much, then again who knows what words would be coming out of my mouth if I were running from a scary monster!