Monday, April 28, 2008

Cranio-Facial Clinic

Today Jordan had a cranio-facial clinic appointment and it was pretty good. Things we have heard for a couple years now. Jordan had bad speech. He needs to get the scar on his lip lengthened. He needs some work done on his nose. And he needs a Le Forte I surgery, which will lengthen the top area of his mouth. He is already 2 or 3 mm short, and the bottom jaw continues to grow until he is 18. The surgery costs $60,000 and our insurance has already denied it last year. I am going to go back to the insurance and talk to my work about what can be done to get this surgery done. The doctor said we need to bug them until they let us have it. Last time the insurance said that this surgery is forbidden by the contract and they would not budge. I will see what I can get done this time.

We have not heard about Jordan's kidney test results. While we were there the radiologist said everything was good, but the urologist was going to look at them before they gave us the final word. We will probably hear from them while we are Jordan's surgery tomorrow.

Jordan's surgery is tomorrow morning. We have to be there at 7:30 AM, so we are leaving the house at 6:30AM, just so we can be sure to make it on time my wife says. This surgery is ear tubes so we hope to be home quickly and let Jordan recuperate and be ready for school the next day. Jordan has pulled out his build a bear for tomorrow, so we know he is a little apprehensive about the surgery. I talked to him and he says he is not scared. I told him it was OK to be scared, and that his Mom and Dad will be there for him the whole time. We will see how he does. He already told us he does not want verced which is what we usually use to calm him down before the surgery. I am sure everything will be OK. We just want to get it done and get him home. He always does better once we get home.

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