Monday, April 28, 2008

A Couple Links Before Bed

Here is a meaningless game, but fun none the less:

Mario Kart for Wii was released over the weekend. I think we will have this pretty soon.

I was at the WalMart on 5600 West and near 3500 South and they had probably 12 Wii's in stock. Get one now before they run out!

What are the Australians doing with all those cell phones. There are more cell phones that people in Australia. Check out the article.

Almost time for me to buy a GPS for my vehicles. I remember a couple years ago on the day after Thanksgiving people were buying GPS like crazy for like $300, now you can find them for under $200 if you look around.

Another of my NBA picks going awry. Who would have known that the best team in the NBA could get this worked by the 8th seed and a team I don't believe should even be in the playoffs.

I love How I Met Your Mother, and the first time Britney was on wasn't a big deal, but this is getting ridiculous. Are they going to have her on every couple weeks? They really need to kill her off. She is definately not Ted's wife, so get her off the show. Hopefully it is the Sarah Chalke character from a couple weeks ago.

Download 1492 and When I Dream of Michelangelo by Counting Crows for all you that have not bought the album yet. See my review of Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings to get the lowdown on these two songs.

Can you believe that iTunes has already been around for 5 years?

Delta has raised airfare prices again. How high will these prices be when I go to Europe this fall. I had a discussion with our events manager and we are going to try and get everyone we know is going to buy a ticket now.

That should give you all something to do tomorrow at work.

Have a good day.

I will post an update on Jordan's condition once we know how things go.

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