Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fantasy Football Wrapup

Another win!

I now sit at 6-1. My lone loss being the fluke Reggie Bush 2 punt retuns for touchdowns game. I was once again the highest scoring team in the league. The lone bad point is that I did not pass 300 this week (I scored 270.5).

Looking ahead to this week: I am playing one of the worst teams in the league and I am heavily favored to win. I was looking forward at my schedule and I am slated to play the number one team on the last week of the season. Hopefully, I will still have one loss and he will be undefeated - and I crush him. That would be the best payback I could think of.

I still have a couple weeks of no Tony Romo. I have been going with Jeff Garcia as my 2nd QB to get through my bye weeks, he has been doing OK, but not great. I might not use him this week, but Green Bay (Rodgers) plays against a good defense this week so I might not use Rodgers.

Basketball also started last night. I have the worst team in my league, so you might not hear much about my NBA team this year (I am sure Diana is happy about that).

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